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Professor Ansarian:The meaning of legislative and formative movement

Professor Ansarian:The meaning of legislative and formative movement

Professor Ansarian counted the legislative movement as a movement toward freedom and said: the meaning of legislative movement toward freedom is the fact that the Holy Quran and Prophecy and Imamate come into existence to show the right path, devise the correct movement on the path, so when I am in dilemma, I can choose to accept the conditions and step on this path or not. This is the difference which the legislative movement has with the formative one.

The sun must be in its orbit and cannot go out of this orbit; but me as a faithful person can change into an infidel one and an infidel person can also change into a faithful one. A robber can Fazeel Ayaz, and Shemr who had memorized the whole Quran can dare to sit on the chest of Imam Hussein and behead him. The name of this movement is legislative movement and it is a movement toward freedom, but the issue of but the issue of guidance of the path and conditions of movement is the responsibility of the Allah Almighty, “Surely, in Our hands is guidance”, if we had let go of you, you couldn’t find the path and its conditions.

source : erfan.ir
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