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Professor Ansarian: Unhealthy roots produce rotten fruit

Professor Ansarian: Unhealthy roots produce rotten fruit

Professor Ansarian said: an important issue about women in holy Quran is that Allah Almighty referred to woman as the one who can have baby, Allah has called woman in Quran «اُم» which is an Arabic word and mean root; metaphorically speaking, if the root is rotten, no complete and healthy fruit is gained. in other word, if the woman whose is referred to as a root is unhealthy and corrupted, the child who is referred to as a fruit will also be corrupted and unhealthy, because this child is completely and closely in this root at most nine months or at least six months and according to the researches which has been do    ne, the baby is fed there.

Professor Ansarian talked about different types of feeding the baby and said: one nourishment of the baby is related to feeding her or him by food and what the mother eats, the product of what the mother eats is given to the baby by Almighty Allah through placenta and a strap which is connected to the umbilical cord of the baby, these material is given to the baby as much as it is necessary. there is no one in the womb to organize all these processes, the Almighty Allah himself does all these works for the baby in the womb of the mother. it is worth noting that no remarkable change is made there by Allah, in fact, whatever  the mother eats, the product of which is given to the fetus.

source : erfan.ir
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