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Shia Opinion about Hafsa and 'Aa'isha

Shia Opinion about Hafsa and 'Aa'isha

The Sixteenth Spurious Argument:

Some people spuriously criticize the Shias cursing the wives of Prophet Muhammad (s), especially 'Aa'isha (daughter of Abu Bakr; the first caliph) and Hafsa (daughter of Umar; the second caliph), and that they ascribe adultery to them, Allah forbid!


This is a great calumny. When did the Shias ascribe adultery to 'Aa'isha and Hafsa? This is definitely not true. In fact, they condemned their disobeying Allah and His Messenger and they have determined that they both indeed had disobeyed and broke the order of Allah and His Messenger. The Holy Qur'an has confirmed this. Allah says,

If you both turn to Allah, then indeed your hearts are already inclined (to this); and if you back up each other against him, then surely Allah it is Who is his Guardian, and Jibril and the believers that do good, and the angels after that are the aiders. (66:4)

The Shia condemn 'Aa'isha for encouraging Talha and az-Zubeir to break their homage to Imam Ali (a), when she gathered a group of hypocrites, mounted a camel, and set out with Talha and az-Zubeir to fight Imam Ali. Indeed, they fought him and were unjust to him.

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