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The Tools of Revolution

Fatima (s) flew by the wings of her sacred thoughts to the horizon of her past and the world of her great father ,which turned , after her father joined his lord ,to a shining memory in her soul. It supplied her every moment with feelings,sympathy and education.It roused in her joy and ease. Even if she was late after her father in the account of time.

She did not separate from him in the account of soul and memory. So she had inside her an inexhautible power, a motive for a sweeping revolution, which never went out,light from the prophethood of mohammad and the soul of mohammad lighting her way and guiding her to the right path.

Fatima (s) deserted the worldly life when the revolution of her soul ripened and turned with her feelings toward the memory that still lived inside her soul to take from it a torch of light for her diffcult stuation.She began calling :

Come back to me scene of happiness,from which I woke up to find unhappiness that can not tolerate ... .

Come to me o you dearest and most beloved one to me. Talk to me and shed on me some of your divine light as you used to do to me before.

Come back, my father. Let me converse with you if that will relieve you. Let me reveal to you my griefs as I always used to do.Let me tell you about those shades, which preserved me from the flame of this world.Now I no longer have any. She said after the death of her father:
There were after you conflicting news and misfortunes,

If you were here,no misfortune would happen.1

Come back to me o memories of my dear past to tell me your attractive speech and make me hear every thing to announce my war with no leniency against those, who ascended -or the people made them ascend -the minbar and the position of my father and they did not pay any attention to the rights of the prophet's family or to the sanctity of the holy house to prevent it from burning2 and from being destroyed . Remind me of my father 's scenes and battles .did not he tell me of kind of heroism and jihad3 of his brother and son -in-law (Ali), his preority on all his opponent and his steadfastness beside the prophet (s) in the most difficult hours and the most violent fight, from which so and so had fled and the brave desisted4 to break into ?was it right after that to put Abu-bakr on the minbar of the prophet and to bring down Ali from what he deserved?!
O my father's memories,tell me about Abu-bakr.Is not he the one, whom the divine inspiration did not entrust with the announcing of a verse to the polytheists5 and chose Ali for the task? Did that mean but Ali the natural representative of Islam, who was to undertake avery task that the prophet might not be free from his many duties to do himself?

I remember well that critical day where agitators agitated when my father appointed Ali as emir of medina and he want out for war. They put for that emirate6 whatever interpretations they liked.But Ali was steadfast like a mountain.The riots of the rioters did not shake him.Itried to make him follow my father to tell him what people fabricated. At last he followed the prophet. Then he came back beaming brightly and smiling broadly. Happiness carried him to his beloved spouse to bring good news to her not in the wordly meaning but in a meaning of heaven. Ali told how the prophet received him, he welcomed him and said to him: "you are to me as Aron was to moses but there will be no prophet after me."7 Moses' Aaron was his pertner In his rule,the Imam of his umma and was prepared to be his successor. and so mohammad's Aaron had to be the wali of the muslims and the calipha after mohammad (s).

When she arrived at this point of her flowing thoughts,she cried out that this was the reversal, of which Allah had warned in His saying: (And Mohammad is no more than an apotles have; the apostles have already passed away before him; if then he dies or is killed will you turn back on your heels? 3;144) Soon the people turned back on their heels and were overcome by the pre-islamic thinking,which the two parties (the muhajireen and the Ansar) exchanged in the Saqeefa8 when one of them said: "We are the people of glory and strength and more in number." The other replied: "Who will dispute with us about the rule of mohammad while we are his assistants and family?"9 The holy book and sunnah failed in front of those criteria. she began to say:

O principle of mohammad, which flowed in my veins since I was born, like the blood in the veins. Omar, who attacked you (principles) in your house in mecca, which the prophet had made as a center for his mission, attacked the family of mohammad in their hause ( in medina) and set fire to it or was about to do so...10

O my great mother's soul, you have thought me an eternal lesson in the life of islamic struggle by your great jihad beside the master of the prophet. I will make my self as another khadeeja for Ali in his present ordeal.11

Here I am, my mother. I hear voice in the depth of my soul prompting me to stand against the rulers.

I will go to Abu bkr to say to hm: "you have done a monstrous thing. Here it is before you. Take it as if is prepared for you. it will be dispute with you on the day of Resurrection. what a fair judge Allah is on that day and the master is muhammad and the appointment is the Day of punishment"12 and to draw the attantion of the muslims to the bad ends of their doing and the dark future they built with their own hands and to say to them: "It was impregna so wait until it bears then milk its blood..then they will perish who say false things and the successors will know what bad the earlier ones have established."13

Then she rushed into the field of action having in her soul the principles of muhammad,the spirit of khadeeja the heroism of Ali and great pity for the umma that it might face a dark future.


1- Sharh Nahjul Balagha of ibn Abu Hadeed ,vol.16, p.312

2- with reference to the threat of burning the house of fatima (s).refer to al-imama wes-siysa by ibn Qutayba p.12,at-tabari's tareekh vol.1.2 p.233 and sharh Nahjul Balagha by ibn Abul Hadeed vol.1. 6 p. 47-48 .they mentioned that omar bin al-kattab come to the house of fatima with a group of Ansar (the people of medina, who believed and assisted the prophet in his mission when he and his companions, emigrated from mecca to medina ) and muhajireen (the prophet's companions ,who emigrated from mecca to medina ) and said" I swear by him ,in whose hand my soul is, either you come out to pay homege (to Abu Bak) or I will set fire to the house with whoever inside it"

3- Refer to at -Tabari's tareekh vol.2 p.25 and 62 -66 when imam Ali (s) killed talha bin uthman the bearer of the polytheists. Banners ... and killed all the bearers of the banner .the prophet (s) saw group of plythesists .he said to Ali : "Attack them !"Ali attacked them , scattered them and killed Amr aj-Jumahi .the prophet saw another group of polythesists .he said to Ali "Attacked them " Ali attacked them , scerttered them and killed shayba bin malik .Gaberiel said to the prophet: "O messenger of Allah,it is this the real asistance. "The prophet said: "He is from me and I from him."Gebriel said: And I from you both ..."

4- Refer to the tradition narreted by sa'd bin Abu waqqas mentioned in muslim's sahih,vol.4 p. 1873 , at-Tarmithi's Sahih vol .5 p.596 and bin Hajar's as-sawa'iq al-muhriqa. they all confirmed this meanin.

5- With the refarence to the story of sura of Bara'a .refer to Imam Ahmad 's musnad vol.1p.3 and az-Zamkhshari's kashshaf vol.2 p.234 it was mentioned that: "while Abu Bakr was on his way towards (mecca ) in order to inform of the sura of Bara'a,Gebriel came down and said to the prophet; "O mohammad,no one is to inform of your mission but a man of your family. so you send Ali ..." Also refer to at-Tarmithi's sahih vol.5, p.594.

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8- A big shed,in which the muhajireen and the Ansar gathared in after the death of the prophet (s) to decide who would be the caliph after the prophet

9- Refer to at-tabari's Tareekh vol.2 p.234 and the following pages and sharh Nahjul Balagha by Abul Hadeed vol.6.p.6-9.

10- Refer after to at- Tabari's Tareekh vol.12p.234 . He mentioned that ibn Hameed had said:

'Omar bin al-kattab came to ali's house and there were some men of muhajireen inside it and said "I swear by Allah that I will burn the house with you or come out to pay homage.

11- Relating to the stuation of khadeeja (the prophet 's wife ),in which Allah had glorified her when she assisted the prophet int his ordeal with Quraish when they considered him as liar.

12- Sharh Nahjul Balagha, vol.16, p.212.

13- Sharh Nahjul Balagha, vol.16, p.212.

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