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Her eminence Fatimah Zahra (a)

Her eminence Fatimah Zahra (a)

Hazrat Fatimah after Hazrat khadijah took care of the Holy Prophet.
a. The mother of her father
When her mother Hazrat Khadijah departed, she was 5 or 6 years old. She was at an age that she needed her parents’ care.however she was with her father and took care of him. Although she was a child, she persuaded the holy Prophet in his mission of inviting people to the path of God even during the period when the infidels commited cruel acts. She was so loved by the prophet of Islam that the prophet called her “the mother of her father”. Whenever he met her, the holy Prophet would rise in respect.
b. The leader of the women
It is said that before and after the holy prophet’s journey , he would visit Hazrat Fatimah(a) since she had much virtue and a great and sublime personality. On account of her deeds and manners, she has become to be known as the Lady of the Two Worlds in all eras. her virtue brought her the title Zahra since her light is to illuminate the paradise. the holy prophet and Hazrat Fatimah are respectively perfect paragons for the men and women.
c. magnanimous deeds
She was very kind to the poor and spent all her properties for the poor. Nobody would leave her disappointed. There are many examples of her generous behavior in history.
d. Leader of the prophet’s household
It is said in the tradition that the prophet’s household was the foundation of Islam and the pillars and faith. Hazrat Fatimah was the leading member of the household. In Mobahilah verse in holy Qur'an (Surah al-Imran, verse 61) she is adored.
In rejecting the infidel's request, God the almighty announced her eminence Fatimah Kawthar addressing the holy Prophet (Surah Kawthar). The Prophet also said: “I leave as bequest two precious things among you. God’s Book and my household. These two will indeed not part until they join me in paradise.
e. Legacy of Islam’s Imams 
Hazrat Fatimah’s home was the school for the women of medina. On one hand she was the daughter of the holy Prophet who was called the city of knowledge and the wife of Imam Ali who was called the door to knowledge. On the other hand she was the mother of two celestial masters of the youth that is Imam Hassan and Imam Hussein. All the Imams after her were her offspring and she is called the mother of Islam’s Imams.
f. Maintaining Islam’s essence, her only concern
It is noteworthy that one of Hazrat Fatimah’s sons, Imam Hussein, the third Imam of Muslims protected Islam from the oppressors and tyrants sacrificing his own life for Islam in Karbala.
Imam of the time, May God expedite his glorious advent, the last Imam of the Muslims, who will perpetuate and maintain the spirit of Islam in the future dark era is also scion of Hazrat Fatima (a).
g. A human being purified by God
She was born pure. In Qur'an God asserts that Hazrat Fatimah (S.A.) and the rest of the members of prophet’s household are pure. Even during Fatimah’s birth the most famous women in history of Islam were sent by God to help Khadijah.

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