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The Subject Matter: Ill Nature

The Subject Matter: Ill Nature



We all know that one of the most important factors of Islam's advancement was the perfect conduct of the Prophet of Islam (SAW). This fact is stated in the Glorious Qur'an where Allah Says:

"And had you been rough, hard-hearted, they would certainly have dispersed from around you." (3:159)

The Prophet of Allah (SAW) treated all people equally. His deep and indescribable love for humanity was perfectly manifested in his angelic being. He attended to all Muslim's needs equally.

"And the Messenger of Allah (SAW) divided his moments between his companions; he would attend to this and attend to that equally." (Rawdha Al-Kafi, p.268)

The Prophet (SAW) also condemned ill-nature; he repeatedly said:

"Ill-nature is evil, and the worst of you are those who are ill-natured." (Nahjul-Fasahah, p.371)

He also said:

"O sons of Abdul-Muttalib, surely you will not be able to satisfy people with your money, therefore, meet them with cheerful faces and joyful conduct." (Wasail Ash-Shi'a, vol.2, p.222)

Anas ibn Malik (Prophet's servant), used to say when he remembered his (Prophet's) excellent traits:

"I have served the Prophet (SAW) for ten years; during this time he has never said, `woe' (as if complaining) to me, regardless of what I did or did not do." (Fada'il Al-Khamsah, vol.1, p.119)

Furthermore, good conduct and cheerfulness are the factors that prolong life. Imam Ja'far As-Sadiq (AS) said in this regard: "Kindness and good manners make land flourish and prolong lives." (Wasail Ash-Shi'a, vol.2, p.221)

Dr. Sanderson has written this on the subject:

"Kindness is an important factor in treating and preventing illness. Most medication result in unwanted side effects along with a temporary cure while kindness causes everlasting cures to all parts of the body... kindness moves all powers of the body. Blood circulation in those who enjoy good manners is excellent, and their breathing is better...." (Pirozi Fikr)

There is a beautiful point in Imam As-Sadiq's (AS) statement. He says that there is a direct relationship between kindness and good manners and stated that they are among the factors that prolong life. The reason behind this is that kind people enjoy a sense of happiness and satisfaction, thus, both kindness and good manners have the same desired effects. He also considered these traits elements for achieving happiness, when he said:

"Part of man's happiness is his good manners." (Mustadrak Al-Wasail, vol.2, p.83)

Samuel Smiles added on the same topic:

"Good manners and emotional balance have their effects on man's development and happiness just like other powers and instincts do. As a matter of fact, individuals' happiness is greatly related to their affections and good manners." (Akhlaq)

In addition, good manners make life easier and increase subsistence and harmony. Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib (AS) in this regard, said:

"Good manners bestow subsistence lavishly and make friends (more) intimate." (Ghurar Al-Hekam, p. 279)

S. Marden wrote the following in his book:

"I know a restaurant manager who became very wealthy and popular because of his good conduct. I learnt that travelers and tourists traveled long distances to reach this restaurant, they did so because in this restaurant they liked the privacy and the pleasant atmosphere. When the customers are at the restaurant, the said manager cheerfully greets them in a manner that is not duplicated anywhere. In fact, in this restaurant they don't experience the cold nuisance complaints that you find in other restaurants.

In this restaurant the employees try to show affection and build friendly relationship with the customers, instead of the usual seller-buyer relationships. The employees smile a lot and give special attention to serving their customers, this attention stems from love and affection for their guests. The employees established such relationships with their guests that the guests not only feel that they should come back but also bring their friends. It is clear how effective this method is in attracting new customers."

And he added:

"Good manners have not played a more important role throughout history than at this time. They have become the capital of those who wish to bring happiness and success to their lives." (Khishtan Sazi)

Imam Ja'far As-Sadiq (AS) included cheerfulness among the signs of man's ability to reason and he said:

"Those who have the most perfect reasoning amongst people are those who have the best manners." (Wasail Al-Shia', vol.2, p.201)

Samuel Smiles says:

"History shows us that the greatest geniuses were happy and optimistic men, for they realized the real meaning of life and tried to manifest their reason in their flesh. When one reflects on their achievements, he can clearly notice healthy souls and thinking and their kindness and enthusiasm. The greatest souls and most intelligent people all enjoy cheerful faces and happiness. Their manners were examples for those who adhered to them and were influenced by their conduct, hence, they followed the light of their kindness and natural happiness." (Akhlaq)

The Honorable Messenger of Allah (SAW) said:

"The most important traits which will lead my nation to Paradise are fear of Allah and good manners." (Wasail Al-Shia', vol.2, p.221)

Consequently, it is incumbent upon him/her whose leader is reason and who desires to lead an honorable life to achieve this priceless spiritual capital, good manners.

In order to eradicate an unwanted characteristic, man needs earnest desire to reach his goal. A glance at the disadvantages that bad manners leave provides an incentive to lead him into struggling to eradicate such manners

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