Thursday 28th of September 2023
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Professor Hussein Ansarian: Divine punishment is on the consequences of disobedience to parents

In one part of his speech, Professor Hussein Anarian referred to disobedience to parents and said: God has also talked about those people who bother and resent their parents and break their hearts. Sometimes some parents are resented unjustly and may tell you: I will be resented if you say prayers, or fast in Ramadhan month, or want a girl not to observe Hijab (Islamic covering), or not to attend Imam Hussein's mourning ceremonies. These kinds of resentments are not fair. Disobedience to parents means that they want to train you properly and prevent you from committing sins; in fact, they order you to good and prevent you from doing bad things, they treat you kindly and with affection, they argue with you in a logical way for not getting married with that boy or girl but you don't listen to whatever they say and consequently they are resented and you break their hearts and they are not satisfied with you.

Professor Ansarian talked about the consequences of disobedience to parents both in this world and hereafter and said: one of the consequences of disobedience to parents is divine punishment, secondly, it curbs the downpour of divine blessings toward me, and thirdly, it deprives me of God's mercy.

source : erfan.ir
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