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A Glimpse of God in the Sayings of Masoomeen (A.S.)

A Glimpse of God in the Sayings of Masoomeen (A.S.)

(Shajarahe Tayyebah)
Noah (Monotheist)
Abraham (Monotheist)
Ismaiel (Monotheist)
Isaaq (Monotheist)
Jacob (Monotheist)
Joseph (Monotheist)
Moses (Monotheist)
Mary (Monotheist)
Jesus (Monotheist)
Hashim (Monotheist)
Abdul Mottaleb (Monotheist)
Abu Talib (Monotheist) Abdullah (Monotheist)
1. Mohammad (S.A)
2. Imam Ali (A.S) married 3. Fatimah Zahra (S.A)
Abdul Mottaleb (Monotheist)
Abu Talib (Monotheist) Abdullah (Monotheist)
1. Mohammad (S.A)
2. Imam Ali (A.S) = married = 3. Fatimah Zahra (S.A) (Mother of Eleven Imams in posterity)
4. Imam Hasan (A.S) 5. Imam Husain (A.S)
6. Imam Zainul Abideen (A.S)
7. Imam Mohammad Baqir (A.S)
8. Imam Ja’far al Sadeq (A.S)
9. Imam Musa al Kazim (A.S)
10. Imam Ali Musa al Reza (A.S)
11. Imam Mohammad Taqi al Javad (A.S)
12. Imam Ali Naqi al Hadi (A.S)
13. Imam Hasan Askari (A.S)
14. Imam Mahdi (A.F) (the present Imam is alive)


1. God’s Light
The holy Quran states: God is the LIGHT of the heavens and the earth. (Noor: 35)
Note a: The light of knowledge of God is visible in every creation.
God’s light is all over the universe in all the satellites, sun and stars. It is in the Kaaba, Churches, Synagogues, Mosques, mountains, rivers, trees, and houses and in the Throne (Arsh), but none of these can accommodate God, who is Omnipresent.
Note b: God guides with His light whomever he wishes. Moses wanted to fetch fire from the mountain but he was blessed with prophethood of God to defeat Pharaoh, who claimed : I am your Majestic God.
God’s Light is everywhere, within the hearts of all men and jinn, angels, birds and animals but it is not confined to any single body or person like Pharaoh.
Note c: In The Name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful
Allah is the name of God’s Divine Self (ذات خدا). Allah o Akbar (الله اکبر) means God is too great to be defined by anyone. It is commonly known that a person can perform wonders if he knows the Grand Name (اسم اعظم) of God, for example Asef bin Barqia, the Vazir & successor of Solomon, brought the throne of Bilqees, the queen of Sheba (سبا) from Yemen to Palestine in a wink’s time; and prophet Solomon said: “This is by the grace of my God.”(27:40) All miracles are eloquent testimonies of grace of God for His messengers. (A.S)
The Grand Name of God is a secret. There are many more secrets which were taught by God’s last & best messenger (SA) to Imam Ali (A.S) so he was declared as “the getaway of knowledge”. & his successor at Ghadir-e-Khum.
All those who desire to know the Grand Name of God may ponder ‘ which Name of God is trivial?’. All Names of God are great when you focus your attention on the Divine Self of God.
Imam Ali (A.S) has taught a ‘dua’ to Kumayl & its last part states: “ O God! Whose Name is medicine (دوا)
& whose Remembrance (zikr)is cure (شفا)
& whose Obedience is Richness & Needlessness (غني)
have Mercy on ‘ me’ whose investment is hope (رجا)
Imam Ali (A.S) has said God’s light is within every creation without being a part of it.
Note: God’s light is primal and exists from eternity. His creations cannot displace God’s light (neither X-rays nor lasers). God’s light is everywhere hidden and manifest at the same time.
Imam Ali (A.S) has said God is with us and from within He annuls our intents and resolutions.
Note: Time and Space are relative concepts and are not applicable to God who is spiritually near and distant at the same time. God’s light is present in the darkest night though invisible. It is present even in evil hearts and can guide them to become lovable creatures, who are provided with food for their souls through “zikr”. The highest “zikr” is salaat and recitation of Holy Quran for guidance on the highway of God leading to paradise.
Imam Ali A.S has stated in Joshan kabir: No light is like God’s Light (نورٌ ليس کمثله نور)
Note: God's first creation was Light the guiding Light or soul of the most perfect human being, full of wisdom i.e. the soul of Mohammad (S.A). This Light was “Noor e Haadeth” the created light,and it was not God's Eternal Light.(Noore Azali)

2 . Belief in God
The holy Quran states: God is the guardian of the believers He brings them out of the darkness (of disbelief) into the light (of Belief); and those who disbelieve in God, their patrons are satanic forces who expel them from the light (of Belief) into the darkness of disbelief & sin. (2:257)
Imam Ali (A.S) 'the Gateway of Knowledge' has said: "I see God prior to everything, with everything, and after everything" It means:
Note: 1. God is visible as the Ever-Existing First. Who existed as Primal Existence prior to everything which he has created.
2. God’s Ingenious Creative Ability is reflected in everything i.e. He is with everyone wherever one may be. You can see God in every direction and in every creation with the eyes of your heart and mind. Hence nothing is as manifest as God.
3. God is the Everlasting Last, after everything is destroyed by Him. On the Doomsday, all living beings the jinn, the men, all angels and all the universe will be doomed. Nothing but God and God alone will be there and then He will revive all the Universe again by His mere intention for the Day of Recompense.
Imam Ali (A.S) has said: If all the curtains between me& God are removed, my BELIEF in God (is so firm that it) will not increase any further.
Imam Ali (A.S) was asked, “Do you worship a God, whom you have not seen?”
Ali (A.S) replied: “I do not worship a God whom I do not see”
Note a: Ali (A.S) has seen God through his heart & insight which is more reliable than eyes. Eyes cannot see air, nor microbes & virus, nor Laser & x-rays, nor invisible ultra violet and infra red-rays which are beyond the visible spectrum (violet to red). Eyes are deceived by mirage. The holy Quran says: “Eyes cannot see Him (God).”
Note b: No one has seen God neither His messengers nor Imams nor angels nor jinns nor anybody else. But all believers have firm trust in God and they seek His help especially on the ‘Night of Destiny’ by imploring O God! For the sake of Thy Divine Self ((بک يا الله.

3. God’s Divine Self
The holy messenger has said: “We could not understand You (God) to the extent worthy of Your cognizance”.
Note: No one has comprehension of God's Self (ذات خدا) but all mankind by human nature loves and worships God and seeks His help when in danger and despair.
Men can understand some attributes of God as indicated in the holy Quran, such as, God is Beneficent & Merciful. He is Just Loving & Praiseworthy. He is the Best Protector & so on. (Please see hadith 40.)

4. God the creator
Hazrat Fatima Zahra (S.A) has narrated: God commenced Creation of things without any material that existed before. He created them without any model or specimen for imitation. He brought them into existence by His powerful creative ability. He created them according to His inclination without His need for them and without any benefit to Him in giving them shape and image except to establish His wisdom and to prompt His obedience and to demonstrate His power of creation and to guide all His creations how to worship Him and How to glorify His inviting call with veneration.
Note: a) God created everything out of nothing just by His intention, e.g. He created a very beautiful bird peacock just by His intention "Be & it came into existence immediately". (Kun fayakun) (Yaseen36: A82)

5. God is visible in every creation
Replying to the letter of Harun, the `Abbasid ruler, in which he had asked for a brief sermon ,Imam al-Kazim (A.S.) wrote:
There is admonition in everything that you see in this world.
Note: Everything that you see preaches that it is created for some purpose and its intricacies bear an eloquent witness about its Creator.
Nothing that you see is everlasting. All animate and inanimate objects are created by God’s will and they shall eventually perish.
The sky with the Milky Way, planets and stars floating in the space with perfect harmony give us a lesson and affect also our lives. They cause tides, eclipses and changes in climate. Life is impossible without the sun, air, rainwater for agriculture and so on & so forth.
The seeds, which germinate and grow up as plants and trees produce flowers and fruits having different shape, color, fragrance and taste exactly as desired by God. There is a lesson from them for perfect obedience to God.
Animals, birds, fishes, worms, pests and microbes—all of these give wonderful lessons to us. Snakes and scorpions have poisons for defending themselves. Their poison is a blessing for them. Vaccines are made out of these poisons for treating some diseases.
Eggs contain two liquids; yellow and white, but when hatched they produce birds, cocks, hens, pigeons, parrots, pheasants, peacocks with beautiful feathers, and so forth. This is again a sermon for the wise.
Bees provide honey and wax and their poison is preventive against paralysis. God has organized their life so as to pollinate flowers .Bees build hexagonal cells of wax for the queen bee to lay eggs therein , and also for storage of honey, pollen and royal jelly. Man cannot create even a bee
Thus, there is sermon in everything for those who think , God is visible in every creation and in all directions.

6. God’s Throne Encircled
Imam Naqi (A.S.) has mentioned in Ziarat e Jamea Kabirah: God created you as lights & made you (the 14 immaculate souls) encircle His throne.

خلقکم الله انواراً فجعلکم بعرشه محدقين (14 معصومين
Note: the 14 luminaries were created prior to the angels, they are closer to God than the angels. During the ascension of Prophet Mohammad (S.A.) the angel Gabriel told him that he cannot proceed farther than ,Sidratul Muntaha, and told the messenger of God to go ahead which means God’s messenger is superior to Gabriel.
Note:These guiding Lights (souls) of the best obedient human beings, although created thousands of years before Adam, were sent as the last divine guides (Messenger & Imams). Thus they are the first creations as well as the final guides from God on this earth. They witnessed all creations which were created by God from time to time as and when required.

7. Existence of God
A Hindu physician came to Imam Ja’far al Sadiq (A.S) for discussion about God. He said that his five senses cannot witness God therefore he denied God.
The Imam said: “I witness God because of the same five senses therefore one of us is correct.”
The Imam asked him: “Don’t you fear the wrath and punishment of God for denying Him?”
The physician replied; “There is no God to fear from.”
The Imam said: “If my belief is correct, would you give up your faithlessness which deserves severe punishment from God?”
The physician replied: “Certainly I would”.
The Imam asked him: “which one of us is more precautious and near the truth to avoid God’s wrath or punishment?”
The Hindu replied: “Of course you are more precautious, but your belief in God has no proof, whereas I am certain in my belief as I do not feel the presence of God.”
The Imam said: “You have denied God because of inability of your five senses, whereas I affirm the presence of God with this inability of the same five senses.”
The Hindu asked: “How is it that inability to comprehend God by your senses leads to the proof of God’s existence?”
The Imam said: “Everything that combines with another thing possesses a body but God does not possess a body, and whatever the eye perceives or the senses feel is not God. God should not be likened to the creations and basically human senses can never feel the presence of God.
The Imam then asked him: “Have you travelled in the skies or seen every place on the earth?”
The Hindu said: “No I have not” The Imam asked: “Well then how do you deny the presence of God when you have not searched every place in space?”
The Hindu said: “I do not know whether or not God is present in the places which I have not visited.”
The Imam said: “Now your denial has changed to suspicion and I hope your suspicion will change to acceptance of the existence of God.
The Hindu said: “I suspect all that I cannot encompass or grasp with my senses, so how is certitude acquired?”
The Imam said: “Certitude may be obtained with this myrobalan which is in your hand. Do you see its effectiveness as a medicine, as its effectiveness is not perceptible? How did the first tree of myrobalan came into existence? Tell me whether this myrobalan had come into existence by itself or its tree had germinated from its seed and the soil, sunlight, water and air were provided by someone else (God) for its growth into a tree?”
The Hindu said: “I do not say that all conditions for survival of this tree have been provided by itself.”
The Imam said: “Your suspicion that everything can be known by five senses is incorrect. It is intellect that comprehends, commands or prohibits and specifies benefits or harms of a thing.”
The Hindu said: “I do not believe that intellect without five senses can comprehend anything.”
The Imam said: “While sleeping your eyes are closed and your senses obviously do not work, but in dreams you see, hear, eat , drink , laugh, wander around cities and speak to your friends and relatives who are dead or alive. Tell me which of your senses are conscious of all these things in your dream?
The Hindu said: “I do not know which sense is conscious of those things, as a person in sleep is like the dead who can neither hear nor see.”
The Imam said: “Now you are approaching the truth. Is it not worthy that your intellect should confess whether awake or asleep, your heart or intellect comprehends everything and God has blessed you this internal sense which perceives significance and realities.”
The Hindu said: “Now there is no way out for me except confession.”
The Imam said: “Now it is worthy of your intellect and wisdom to bear witness that God the All Knowing has created everything with His Creative Ability, knowledge and organized planning.
The Hindu physician said: “I bear witness that only God is the Creator of this universe and everything in it. Your arguments were very firm and my intellect also confirms the truth.
Note: An atheist was convinced by Imam Sadiq (A.S) regarding God’s existence by narrating about creation of a peacock with such beautiful fluorescent feathers. He said a peacock has not come to existence by itsef but God has created it by saying; “be” and it came to existence immediately as intended by God. Its egg contains yellow and colorless liquids is miraculously hatched as a peacock

8. God and Soul
It is stated in Ghorarul Hikam: One who has cognizance of his soul has cognizance of God. (Ghorarul hikam part 77 Hadith 301)
Regarding ‘Soul’, God says: “They ask you about the 'Soul' Say the soul is a command of God & YOU ARE NOT GIVEN OF ITS KNOWLEDGE BUT A LITTLE. (Isra:87)
Note a: When a person cannot understand his soul, He can never understand God’s Divine Self. God is incomprehensible. The creator can never be understood by His creatures.
Note b: What is soul? A healthy person is alive when he has a soul otherwise he is dead. But a person with soul is also regarded as dead when he is vicious and criminal.
A good person’s soul returns to God but his body is buried as taught by a crow to Cain (Qabeel) when he killed his brother Abel (Habeel).
Note c: what a pleasant journey for a martyr when his soul returns from this temporal world to eternal life in Paradise.

9. God & Predestination or Fate
Imam Mahdi (A.F.) has said: Well the time of my emergence for deliverance of this world from evil depends upon the will of God and all those who foretell the exact time of my emergence are liars. (Kamal al Din V2P483)
Note a) Oracles & those who predict ones future are liars, because God changes the destiny of a person according to his good deeds and supplications especially on the night of destiny (Lailatol Qadr), also due to prayers by his parents, friends and relatives and charity; therefore future of everyone is not predestined but is changeable by God. Hence Exact time of emergence of Imam Mahdi (A.S) is unknown and depends upon God’s discretion and is foretold by liars only.
Note b) Allamah Iqbal says: ” You are a living being, free to choose and not controlled by stars”. Those who foretell the entire life of a person from his birth star are mistaken. Because lay the blame of all their devilish and criminal life on predestination. They are misguided by Satan so they shall definitely be punished as they themselves are responsible for their sinful life and not the birth star.
The Imams (A.S) have explained that there is neither fatalism ie compulsion by fate nor complete freewill, but the truth is golden mean between the two extremes.
Imam Baqir(A.S) was a baby of about 2 years during the battle of Karbala . The holy messenger (S.A) had told Jabir Ibn Abdollah Ansari to convey his Salaam to Imam Baqir (A.S) who will split knowledge marvelously.
In Ziarate A’shura (which is an everlasting memoir of the Imam) Imam Mahdi (A.F.) is mentioned as follows: “ So I beseech Allah …that He may sustain me with the demand of vengeance for your (Husain’s) blood with the assisted Imam (the victorious Al Mahdi) from Ahle Bayt , the nobles of the house of Mohammad (S.A) .”
Note: The promised savior Imam Mahdi (A.F.) will emerge by the will of God for just and equitable vengeance against all those who were responsible for or even agree with the martyrdom of Imam Husain (A.S) up to Doomsday. One of the names of God is Avenger, but God will be patient until the test and trial of mankind, and the respite for Satan is over. Imam Husain’s Martyrdom is an extremely tragic event in the history of the world .The battle of Karbla was a war between Right and Might ;Justice against Tyranny. No one had such an exalted character as Imam Husain (A.S) to sacrifice everything to establish Divine Godly values of truth, justice and freedom. Imam Husain (A.S) paid a very dear price for attaining success in his purpose. He awakened the people of all times to follow on his footsteps by martyrdom, instead of obeying the powerful tyrants. Imam Husain (A.S.) is mourned every year by people who love freedom, truth and justice throughout the world not only by Shiah Muslims but also by many sects of Muslims , Christians, Jews, Hindus and others.
Imam Sadiq A.S. has said: “There is neither fatalism nor complete freewill but the truth is between these two extremes”
When the Imam was asked whether God has permitted human beings to do whatever they like? The Imam replied: “God is too powerful to allow people to be completely free without restrictions in their activities.”
Note: When a person says:“I am the master of my life and the captain of my fate’’, has he not forgotten that God is the Master of our life? Not only all mankind but also trillions of angels are servants of God.


Complete freewill
Imam Sadiq(A.S) has said: “ 1. If a person thinks that all affairs have been entrusted to his freewill to do whatever he likes then he has regarded God’s Might as too trifle and therefore he shall be destroyed.

2. If a person thinks that he has no power to do anything by his own decision and that everything is done by God, it means God is unjust when He punishes the criminals and sinners for what He had predestined Himself.

3. If a person thinks that God has commanded him to do what is possible for him and does not expect him to do whatever is beyond his ability, and thanks God for His goodwill whenever he performs a good deed. He seeks forgiveness for his sins with sincere repentance, such a person is mature and a civilized Muslim.
Imam Haadi (A.S.) has said: Fate divulges for you that which you could not anticipate. (RB V2 P369)
Note a: It is said fate is both inevitable (takvini) and evitable (tashriee). The Inevitable fate is written in a safeguarded plate (Lohe Mahfuz) it is unavoidable, and God is all knowing and He puts mankind to test and trial under different conditions.
The evitable or effaceable destiny is written in ‘Lohe Mahv o Sebat’ with changeable or evitable conditions, example by prayers, alms or charity and good deeds especially on the Night of Destiny (Laylat ol Qadr). Thus death is of two kinds 1- death in suspension or evitable death which is changeable 2- inevitable death- everyone has to die and God knows this final hour of death e.g. the holy prophets Jesus, Khizr, Idris, Imam Mahdi (A.S) will ultimately die even after living for thousands of years by the will of God.
Note b: A person, who thinks that he commits sins and crimes as they are written in his fate, lays the burden of his sins on God and blames Him as unjust when He punishes him; but God has mentioned in the holy Quran that He does not commit a particle weight of injustice (4:40)
Note c: Everyone commits sins because God has given him energy- but this energy should not be spent in God’s disobedience, God has created Satan as a takvini creation for testing mankind and Jinn, therefore Satan is an inevitable creation by God. Those who turn a deaf ear to Satan by their own decision and follow the right path of God as shown by the fourteen ma’sumeen are successful in the test in this world.

10. God, the Hidden the Manifest
Imam Mahdi (A.f.) has said: O the Hidden in spite of His perfect manifestation and the Manifest in spite of His perfect concealment. (Mafaatih ul Jinan ,Dua e Rajabieh)
Note: God knows all the hidden details of everything, and even our thoughts and intentions. God is present everywhere, i.e. He is Omnipresent but God's Own Self is Hidden and invisible for the eyes. No one has ever seen God. Moses (A.S) used to speak to God, but when he asked God to make Himself visible to him (God told Moses (A.S) 'You cannot see Me. But look at the mountain, if it remains firm in its place then you will see Me'. But when God illuminated the mountain (Tur-e Sina) with His Glory, He crumbled it. It was shattered to pieces, which means God cannot be seen by eyes so the claim of Sufis that they see God with their eyes is but denial of God’s statement in the holy Quran:“Eyesight comprehends Him not. (la tudrekohol-absaar). (Ana’am 6:103)
Hence God is Hidden and can be seen by all with the eyes of their heart only.

11. What, How and Where Is God
Ali (A.s.) has said in Dua e Mashlool: "O 'He' of whom no one knows WHAT 'He'(God) is, nor How 'He' is, nor WHERE 'He' is, nor in WHICH direction,' He' is, except ‘He’ Himself “.
Imam Hussain (A.S) has said: O the One, Whom no one understands except He (God) Himself.
Note: God has infinite attributes & infinite knowledge, None of His creations, not even His messengers, Imams and angels can comprehend God but little. Man’s limited knowledge can never understand God, the Ingenious Creator of the entire Universe Who will destroy the entire universe, and create another greater universe for judgment and recompense in heaven or hell.
Imam Ali An-Naqi(A.S.) has narrated: God cannot be described except by those attributes by which He has described Himself, and how can His qualities be described when senses fail to find Him, & guess or conjecture has no access to Him. Imaginations fail to limit His excellence. The eyes cannot encompass Him. (Tohaf al Uqul P482)

12. God the Creator, the Destroyer and Reviver
The holy Quran states: Has not He, Who created the heavens & the earth, power to create similar to them (again)? Yes, indeed! He is the Originator, the All- Knowing’ (Yaseen36:81)
Ali (A.s.) has said: the Creator is the Destroyer and the Destroyer is the Reviver (Nahjul Balagha :advice to Imam Hassan (A.S))

13. God the Strongest Link
Imam Ali (A.S.)has said: He (God) is far from being encompassed by heart or eye for believing in His Lordship.
Which link is stronger than the link between you &God if you clasp it firmly?
Imam Mohammad Taqi(A.S.) has said: Who can destroy a person when he is sustained by God? And who can rescue a person when he is pursued by God? (Ehqaq ul Haqq P 428-439)

14. the most precious possession
Imam Husain(A.S) has said: What has he obtained who lost You O God? And what has he lost who found You?
One who is satisfied with anyone other than- You, O God, has in reality dispossessed himself of everything?

15. God and the people
One who annoys God to please people, God leaves him to the people.

16.God is Samad
A person asked Imam Husain (A.S) the meaning of ‘Samad’ He replied: The Aayaat after Samad (صمد) in the Surah-e-Towheed explain its meaning ,i.e., nothing emerges from God , nor God has emerged from anything and nothing is like unto Him ; (i.e. ,nothing in the universe can match God ,Who is beyond all needs.)

17. Fear of God
Fear God and be a credit for us & not an object of shame. (T O p 488)
A person who commits sins& crimes openly in presence of people has no fear of God.(BA V 78 p 377)
Note: A person should not commit sin in presence of God. Beware God is Omnipresent i.e. present everywhere.
People who are safe from God's punishment are those who fear God more than others.

18. Love of God
Imam Mohammad Taqi(A.S.) has said: Indeed love of God cannot be acquired without making a number of people wrathful. (B.A V:78 P 363)
Access to God is facilitated by ones intention in the heart. A person can reach God more quickly with intention than with physical performance of any service. (Ehqaq ul haqq P 428-439)
Imam Sadeq (A.S) has said: "One who loves us is with us".
Note: Love is empty and on tongue only if without obedience to Imams (A.S)).

19. Wrath of God
Imam Sajjad (A.S) has said: God is most wrathful against a person who accepts the "Sunnah" of an Imam, but does not follow the conduct of the Imam practically.
Note: Wrath of God means His punishment On the Day of Judgment people will be called with their Imams, as indicated in the holy Quran
Imam Reza(A.S) has said:
One who pleases a king or an authority with something that arouses God's wrath is cast out of the heavenly religion finalized by the Mighty & Majestic God. (O'yun Akhbar ur RezaV 2 P 69)
God is wrathful against:
1- Futile talk
2- Wasting of wealth
3- Imploring a lot from people. (BA Vol. 78 P375)
Note: Wrath of God means His punishment. God does not curse any sinner but punishes him in this world or the hereafter .God is All Powerful and Omnipotent. God denounces the disobedient. God is invincible, some Jews believe that God wrestled with Jacob and was defeated by him. It is an abominable belief, and the original Torah(which is not distorted) denies it.

20) Delight of God
Imam Sajjad (A.S) has said: Next to cognizance of God, nothing is more pleasing to Him than chasteness of stomach and chasteness of sexual organs.
Note: Angels are devoid of appetite for food or sex. The person who gave good tidings of a son to Virgin Mary (AS) was an angel.

21. God & Imam
O God! Make me cognizant of Thy Self, for if You do not make Your Self known to me, I will not know Thy Messenger.
O God! Make me cognizant of Thy Messenger, for if I do not know Thy Messenger, I will not know Thy guiding authority.
O God! Make me cognizant of Thy guiding authority, for if I do not know Thy guiding authority, I will stray from my religion.
Note: Imam Mahdi (A.F.) is the guiding authority (Hujjah) of the present time.
Note: After the demise of the best of God’s Messenger(S.A.) , Muslims got divided into about 72 sect .Shias and Sunnis are the main sects. The Shias follow only the Sunnah of the messenger whereas the Sunnis follow the Sunnah of the messenger as well as the Sunnah of the ruler of the time who maybe just or not, hypocrites, opportunists or not.
Shias believe that 12 Imams are chosen by God, whereas Sunnis choose their own khalifas, but they may make mistake in their choice, example Abu Sofyan’s progeny was denounced by God in the holy Quran. But they ruled for one thousand.
Salman, Abuzar, Miqdad, A’mmar where all Shias of the best Messenger only. Belief has 10 degrees and Salman was on the highest degree of belief and Iran was saved from the fire of hell by following the true Islam as taught by Salman, the best friend of Mohammad(S.A.) the obedient servant of God.

22. Praise and thankfulness to God
Glorious is that Entity who regards acknowledgment of His blessings as His praise. Glorious is that Entity who regards declaration of inability to thank Him as thankfulness to Him. (BA V78 P142)
Note: 1: There are many hidden blessings of God about which we have no knowledge and we are completely ignorant& unable to comprehend God's hidden blessings.

23. Revenge by God
Imam Mohammad Baqir(A.S): When God likes to take vengeance against His oppressed friend , He will avenge by means of enemy of His friend’s enemy, and when God likes to take vengeance for His Own Self against His enemy(satanic people) , He will avenge by means of His friend. ( TO. P: 284-300)
Note: One of the glorious names of God is Avenger(Al Muntaqem). He will avenge against his enemies by means of Imam Mahdi (A.S), Jesus (A.S) and all good people.

24. When is God your enemy?
Imam Mohammad Baqir(A.S): Sometimes when a person meets another person, he says: “May God destroy your enemy! Without considering that the enemy of that person is God”.
Note: God is enemy of everyone who disobeys Him , His chosen messengers & Imams, but God does not destroy His enemies, because He is patient and gives respite to sinners and criminals prior to punishment in the interest of justice to give a chance for repentance to human beings , who are under test and trial.

25. Three instructions
Imam Mohammad Baqir(A.S): My son! Whenever you are favored with blessings from God, say”Al hamdo lillah”. i.e. Praise be to God.(thankfulness increases blessings of God)
and when something makes you sad say”La howla wa la quwwatah illa billah” i.e., there is no transformation and no power except God. (Remembrance of God makes you hopeful)
And if you are deprived of sustenance say” Astaghferollah, i.e. I ask God’s forgiveness (because sins are cause of loss of sustenance) (TO. P: 284-300)

26 The Rights of God (the Creator of the entire universe)
Imam Sajjad’s treatise on Rights. If all mankind honor the rights as indicated by the Imam this world will become a paradise. All races from the posterity of Adam and Eve have equal opportunities for attaining perfection of character by honoring all these rights.
The rights of God are the most important and root of all rights.
The rights of God is to maintain good relationship with Him & His creation. The best creation of God is man with soul and body. You are a trustee of God for wellbeing of your body & soul in this world and for the hereafter. God sent His Divine guides (the messengers and Imams) who explained the rights of your soul and body as a part of God’s rights.
A) The right of Your soul is to obey God and His messengers for bliss in this world and the hereafter and to worship and pray to Him with sincerity without associating any partners with God.
Note: God does not need our worship He is beyond needs & necessities. There are trillions of angels who devotedly worship God. It is we who are direly in need of worshipping God with sincerity, to purify our soul and attain nearness to God and deserve God’s eternal paradise. Then we will be recompensed ten times for all of our good deeds.
To keep our soul free from pollution, it is necessary to honor the rights of our body from head to foot with God’s help.
B) The rights of body consist of controlling the tongue, ears, eyes, hands, legs, stomach, and reproductive sexual organs. All these parts of body have their rights upon you, and you will relish the delight of life by observing their rights.
* The right of tongue is to regard it as too noble to scold or slander. You should use it to express kindness and to speak well about people.
* The right of ears is to hear nothing which is unlawful like slander (ghiba), prohibited music (ghina) and so on …
* The right of eyes is to refrain from looking at anything which is unlawful.
Avoid looking at ‘namahram’ women so that others may not glance at your women. (T.O P:242)
Note: Looking at a Namahram woman is a minor sin but if a person goes on looking at her again and again it becomes a major sin.
Note: When a learned scholar was asked whether your wife is more beautiful or your sister- in- law (who used to visit them frequently)? The scholar replied: “I have never raised my eyes to look at my sister –in-law so I cannot compare the two.” Thus this learned scholar has taught us practically not to graze our eyes on the beauty of ‘namahram’ women. Even when watching Television one should not gaze at semi-naked women nor should one hear women with sweet and pleasing voice. Ali (A.S) never said salam to namahram women in order not to hear their voice.
Note: You should lower your eyes when speaking to ‘namahram’ and abstain from seeing cinema films with crimes and sins & beauty competitions, naked shows & photos. Dancing and swimming with ‘namahram’ is also prohibited. All these are traps of Satan to deviate you from the way of God that leads to paradise.
Note a): The vicious mighty tyrants have a very low rank near God and obedience to them expels a person from the divine religion finalized by God.
Note b): A glimpse of what God has done for us may be had from His innumerable blessings which the holy Quran reminds us specially in sureh Rahman (Fa bay aiyye aalaaye rabbekuma tukazzebaan ie how many blessings of God can you deny)
Act & fulfill the purpose of life
Think & contemplate, and act to fulfill the purpose for which you are created, as God has not created you in vain and without any purpose. (TO P274)

27. God
a. Imam Sadiq(A.S.) has said: O God! Our Lord! Yours is all praise. You alone possess all power and firm authority.
Yours is all praise. You are the Most High, with Prestige and Grandeur in the heavens and the Grand Throne.
O our Lord! Yours is all praise, You are the Most Excellent and Self-Sufficient in Your knowledge, whereas every other possessor of Knowledge is in need of You.
O our Lord! Yours is all praise. O the revealer of Aayaat and the Great Zikr.
O our Lord! So Yours is all praise for all that You have taught us of wisdom and the great manifest Quran.

b. God
Indeed cognizance of the Mighty & Majestic God provides: 1.Peace and amity in every fearful situation.
2. His companionship in solitude.
3. Light in darkness.
4. Strength for the weak and the meek.
5. Remedy for every malady.

C .God
Imam Mohammad Taqi(A.S.) has said: Remember that God ,the Almighty ,the best Bestower is Patient and All- knowing. God’s wrath is against that person who does not please and satisfy Him. A person who does not acknowledge or recognize God’s gift is deprived of it. A person indeed gets deviated and strayed when he rejects divine guidance. (B.A V: 78 P 359)

Imam Ali an-Naqi(A.S.) has said: O our Sustainer! (our Providence)We believe in what Thou hast sent down and obey Thy Messenger, hence register us amongst true witnesses. O the Sustainer (of our body and soul)let not our hearts go astray after Thou hast guided us, and bestow upon us Mercy from Thee. Undoubtedly, Thou art the best Bestower.

e. God
Imam Ali an-Naqi (A.S.) has said: I bear witness, “There is no God except Allah. He is one without any partner, exactly as God has attested for Himself. The angels, the learned and the wise from His creation have all testified to His Oneness: “There is no God but He, the Almighty, the Wise.” (Ziarate Jameah Kabirah)

f. God
Imam Hassan Askari(A.S.) has narrated: God is the one to whom all His creatures implore in necessities & calamities when their expectations are cut off from all others and when all means of help are severed from everyone else. (B.A V3 p 41)

28. Knowledge about God and Religion
Imam Musa Kazem(A.S.) has said: I have found knowledge of people in four things; First and foremost one should have cognizance of God.
Secondly, one should recognize what God has done for him.
Thirdly, one should know what God likes him to do.
Fourthly, one should know what will expel a person from divine religion. Aayan ush shia vol: 2 P: 9)
Note a: The status of a person near God varies according to his understanding and knowledge about God. God’s Divine Self can never be understood by anyone. God’s final messenger has said: “We do not understand You (O God)to the extent worthy of Your cognizance. (Maa A’rrafnaaka haqqa ma’refatik).
Note b: So no wonder! That atheists and polytheists cannot understand God! No creature can understand its Creator. There is always unlimited distance between the Creator & His creations. God is present within everything and in the farthest space. This distance between God & man is not physical but spiritual.
Everything that is seen about in every direction speaks fluently regarding the ingenuity of its Master Creator. The cream of creation is man, to whom all angels prostrated in reverence. All things created by man are because of the excellent brain given to him by God; nevertheless man cannot create even a mosquito, a bee, ant or a fly.
Man can never enumerate all creations of God in the heavens and the earth, nor can he count all the attributes of God.
Although man cannot understand God’s Divine Self (Zaat) no wise person can deny the Existence of God (Wojood). Man can attain a place, where he sees nothing except God in every direction.
Man can understand only a few attributes of God which are mainly in God’s Divine guides and some good people. God’s divine messengers and Imams are the best models of perfect human character, with the highest cognizance of God, so they have the highest status near God.

29. Blessings of God.
Be good companions of God's blessings, as they are fleeting and once they flee away from a nation they do not return. (TO- P 526)
The most promptly punished sin is ingratitude for divine blessings. (Musnadul Imam Ar Reza V 1 P 280)
Obey God, why?
Even if God had not made people aware of Paradise and Hell, it was necessary for people to obey God and not commit sins, because God initiated all His blessings and beneficence on people without their deserving or having any rights on Him. (BA V71 P174)
God has given the keys of His treasuries in your hands, so whenever you like you can open the doors of His blessings & favours with your prayers and supplications; pray to Him for continuous drizzling of His Mercy. His gift equals your sincerity & steadfastness of your intention.”
Note: Good Health is God’s blessing. Balanced food, pure water, and sunshine, physical exercises in fresh & unpolluted air and good sleep are necessary for good health. Remember prevention is better than cure. And be not like swine to prevent crime and do not drink wine. Your mental and physical diseases are cured by prayers, alms and charity. Avoid gluttony it is an enemy of longevity. Thankfulness to God for good health increases healthiness bountifully.

30 .Trust in God
Imam Reza (A.S.) has said: One who likes to be the most needless person should have full trust in all that is near God, the Mighty & Majestic. (Fiqh ur Reza P.364)
One who likes to be the strongest person should have firm reliance in God. (Fiqh ur Reza P.358)
Wealth & honor keep strolling around, but when they find a place of reliance in God they settle therein as homeland. (Fiqh ur Reza P.358)
Imam Mohammad Taqi has narrated:
The price of every precious possession is reliance in God, the Almighty and it is a ladder for every high rank. (B.A V: 78 P 364)
God brings happiness to a person who relies on Him. God is sufficient for a person who trusts Him in all affairs. Reliance in God is a fort wherein no one can take refuge except a trustworthy believer. Trust in God relieves a person from every evil and it is a sacred shelter against all enemies.
Note: Satan is a Jinn. He was tutor of angels and he recited the ‘Kalemah’ “There is no god except Allah” for six thousand years but he could not enter the fort of security of God. Because he was a hypocrite and proud like evil politicians who do not obey the messengers of God.

31. God’s Satisfaction
Three things bring a person close to satisfaction of the Almighty God:
1. Seeking forgiveness fervently.
2. Smiling with good manners.
3. Giving charity in abundance. (Ehqaq ul haqq P 428-439)
Note: The word ‘Sadaqah’ is derived from Sidq (Truth) therefore the essence of charity is sincerity for pleasing God. A charitable person should not expect compensation or even thanks from the person who was given charity.

32. Two Gods or Dualism
Imam Ali(A.S) has said:
Be aware, if there was a partner for God, his messengers too would have come to guide you &you could have seen the effect of his sovereignty & you would have recognized his conduct & attributes; but God is One & Unique as He has described Himself in the holy Quran: Your God is the One God, so whoever expects to encounter his Lord should act righteously, & not associate anyone with the worship of his Lord. (Kahf 18:110)
No one opposes Him in His Sovereignty & He can never be destroyed .He exists from eternity and he shall exist for ever.
Imam Hassan Askari(A.S.) has said: Mohammad bin Rabie Shaybani has said that once in Ahwaz he encountered a person who believed in two gods (god of virtue and god of evil) and he had a discussion with him then he travelled to Samarrah with some doubts about arguments for two Gods.
Once when he was sitting at the threshold of a house in Samarrah, suddenly he noticed Imam Hasan Askari (A.S) in that street and before he asked him anything, the Imam pointed his finger at him and said: “He is One, and One only so believe in Him as One.” Shaybani said: “I fainted with enormity of emotions, when the Imam clarified my doubts prior to my asking him.” (Kashful Ghumma V 3 P305)

33. Polytheism or multiple Gods
Where is Mahdi (A,S) the destroyer of the buildings of polytheism and hypocrisy? Where is Mahdi(A.S) who will bring honor for the friends and abase the enemies? O God! Establish the Right and destroy the Evil by his presence. (Dua e Nudbah)
It was revealed to the holy Messenger (A.S) by God, “Tell them: I do not ask of you any compensation except love of my near relatives. (Shura 42:43)
Note: The holy Messenger (S.A) had no need for compensation by 'Ummah' for the pains incurred in reforming the polytheist idolaters to civilized muslims, it was rather 'Ummah' that would be rewarded by God if they love and obey the nearest relatives of the holy Messenger (S.A) viz, Fatema, Ali, Hasan and Husain (A.S) …
Those who disobey God by not compensating Mohammad (S.A) for his incessant troubles in the divine mission deprive, themselves of spiritual blessings from God and the Divine guides, the Imams.
Note: There is no compulsion in religion( La Ikraha fid Deen).Man is free to be an atheist, skeptic, polytheist or a muslim and there lies their test and trial and hence there is the day of Recompense, heaven and hell for administration of perfect justice by God, the most Exalted Sovereign.
Note: Majority of Hindus are idol worshippers, polytheists and atheists. Some of them believe in three gods, Brahma as the creator, Vishnu as the protector and Shiva as the destroyer.
Some Hindus believe that the king Rama was a god, who died and was born again as Krishna, who also died and they believe that he will be born again as Ramakrishna. Statues of these men Rama & Krishna are worshipped as gods. Rama’s wife named Sita was taken to the island Ceylon (Sri Lanka) by Ravana who is also worshipped as a god by some Hindus.
Some Hindus worship Kali as a god with many heads.
Some Hindus worship gods with a number of hands. They also worship a god named Gunpati with the head of an elephant.
Some Hindus worship Lakhsmi as goddess of wealth. Thus Hindus worship different gods and they are polytheists.
The God had sent His messengers & prophets all over the world for guidance is mentioned in the book ‘Upanishads’ wherein the right conception of God is perceptible with some mutilations with the passage of time and the interpretation of the Sanskrit language.
India was invaded by Aryans who brought polytheism with them and they drove the Dravidians to the south of India.
Next India was invaded by Moguls and Muslims, who ruled India for a long time and the official language was Persian. Muslims did not preach Islam as there is no compulsion in religion.
Next India was invaded by English men and the English language was taught in several places. After the Second World War, Mahatma Gandhi with his nonviolence movement liberated India from the British rule, and he accepted East and West Pakistan to be separated from India as Muslims were in majority there.
India is now an independent country with polytheism as its religion. Thus Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Zoroastrians, Jews all live in India but now the Hindus are in majority.
A country survives with polytheism, Atheism, communism and so on , but it cannot survive with TYRANNY. So the promised savior of God is awaited by all good people of the world to help him establish the universal kingdom of justice of God without tyranny and oppression.
Note: Abraham (A.S) had destroyed all the idols but the Arabs became idol worshipers again& built a number of idols in Ka’ba. Mohammad (S.A) &Ali (A.S) destroyed all the idols in Kaba, therefore the Holy Quran states that the hand of God is above the hands of idol worshippers because the idol were destroyed by God’s Messenger (S.A.), they were the hand of God. Whatever good deeds are done by anyone it is because of God but the Arab tribes became their enemies especially Bani Umayyah ie Abu Sufyan, Moaviyah &Yazid(L.A),who are described as shajarahe malo’ona in the holy Quran. (S17:A60)
Note: In the olden days Greeks were also polytheists. They worship a number of Gods. Even now people consider some attributes of God as separate gods and are misguided. Many old religions got distorted and got divided into sects so God sends His Messengers from time to time, so that people may defeat their satanic evil self and become wise and monotheist, as polytheists cannot cross the bridge leading to paradise.
Note: a Persian poet has said:
My aim is God whether I visit Ka’ba or temple (of idols)
My intent is God Ka’ba or temple is only a pretext
مقصود من از کعبه و بتخانه تويي تو
مقصود تويي کعبه و بتخانه بهانه است

Explanation: The Poet says: God is within every creation He is Omnipresent. Whatever a person worships if his intention is the only God, then a polytheist is actually a monotheist in his aim.
Polytheism is an unforgivable sin, a polytheist cannot cross the bridge over hell. But God forgives ones entire past in idol worship when his aim in worship is just one God.

34. Relatives of God
Imam Mahdi(A.F.) has said: Indeed there is no family relationship between the Mighty and Majestic God and anyone whosoever. (Behar al anvar V53 P180)
Note: a) Jesus (A.S) was born without a father by Virgin Mary (A.S) It was a miracle indeed. But Adam (A.S) was created without father & mother, so also the first and foremost pairs of all animals and birds just by the Will of God (Kun fa Yakun). Whatever God intends it happens soon or late. Jesus (A.S) never claimed to be a son of God. It is a false accusation from those who mutilated the divine heavenly religion. So God sent His last messenger (S.A) for correction of deviations in Judaism and Christianity. Jesus (A.S), Ezra & angels are not sons and daughters of God.
Note b) The fourteen sinless souls, who are closest to God, never claimed to be God’s relatives.
Note c)When Muslims recite ziarat of Imam Husain (A.S) they say, Salaam on you O Jesus, the Ruhullah! meaning the soul created by God & not the soul of God. God created Adam from dust in the image He had in Mind, then He made him alive with a soul newly created by God which did not exist from eternity like God, so Ruhullah, like Baytullah (the house of God built by Abraham A.S) is attributed to God, who is everywhere and does not need a house nor a wife nor a son. God is above all needs and necessities.

35. God’s Patience
Imam Mahdi(A.F.) has said: Indeed God is Patient and it is you who are in a hurry.
Note: a) One of the best creations of God and a great blessing on earth is Imam Hussain (A.S) one of the chiefs of youth in paradise. He was brutally martyred along with his children, kith and kin, and his supporters by God’s enemies. Yet God was extremely patient. Why did the All Powerful God allow Yazid (L.A.) to commit such a great tragedy? Two Aayaat of the Holy Quran answer this question for a sagacious person.
Ayat 1) Let not those who disbelieve think that Our granting them respite was better for their souls. WE GIVE THEM RESPITE THAT THEY MAY ADD TO THEIR SINS AND THEY SHALL HAVE A DISGRACEFUL PUNISHMENT until the vicious are distinguished from the virtuous. (Ale I’mran 3: 178)
Ayat 2) Indeed THOSE WHO VEX GOD AND HIS MESSENGER are denounced by God in this world and the Hereafter and GOD HAS DISGRACEFUL PUNISHMENT READY FOR THEM. Those who are responsible for vexation to faithful men and women undeservedly they are certainly guilty of false accusation and manifest sin. (Ahzab 33: 58 -59)
God had given ‘shajarah malo’ona’ them a very long rope before their damnation punishment. (See the Holy Quran 17:60)
Note b) Mohtasham, a well known poet from Kashan, had written everlasting verses about Imam Husain (A.S) Once he wrote a verse and could not compose the second verse.
“Although God’s Exalted Self is free from grief” (first verse)
Imam Mahdi (A.S) inspired him to write the second verse as follows: “God is in heart and no heart is free of grief” (second verse)
Explanation: God is never sorrowful or aggrieved. He is All Powerful and Invincible. God punishes the tyrants whenever He likes. The tyrants, who afflict sorrow and grief on the divine guides, are under test and trial by God. All people who love freedom throughout the world mourn the death of Imam Hussain (A.S.) because God is in their heart.
Note c)You (Imams) are the door for test and trial of people and you(Imams) were patient in bearing all calamities that you had to face in upholding the side of God, so as to save your lovers from approaching the precipice of destruction and fire of hell.
In upholding the side of God, the imams faced all calamities with patience. They were the door for test and trial of people. (Ziyarat e Jameah Kabirah)
Note d) God shall claim blood for vengeance of Imam Hussain(A.S.) and Imam Ali(A.S.) ‘SaarAllah ibne Saareh’ who were patient and sacrificed their lives to save the religion finalized by God. God was also patient because He had given respite to Satan and this respite will be over when God shall direct Imam Mahdi (A.S.) to emerge from the curtain of concealment for vengeance and establishment of God’s universal kingdom of justice.

36. God and transmigration
Imam Mahdi(A.F.) has said: Surely, Almighty God is He, Who created everybody and distributed provisions for their sustenance. Indeed God has neither physical body nor does He transmigrate into a body. Nothing is like Him & He is All-Hearing and All Seeing. (Karaamaat Mahdi)
Note: a) Every mass is convertible to energy, so mass is nothing but energy. All this universe and everything in it is created not from matter but merely by God's intention. And by His intention God will revive every dead person with exactly the same fingerprints and DNA even though decayed to dust.
Note b) God is without any need or necessities. He does not need a body. He has no ears, but He hears thousands of supplications in a number of languages from all over the world at one and the same time and without any confusion, He is All-Hearing; and also All-Seeing without eyes. Furthermore God can make anything speak, even a particle of sand. God used to speak to Moses (A.S) but His voice emitted from a tree. God does not need a mouth, tongue and lips to speak with.
Note c) The holy Qur'an says: “Hand of God is above their hands” (Fath 48:10)
It is an allegorical statement to help us understand the attribute of God. It means God is most powerful. There are many such allegorical statements in Qur'an which are misunderstood , as God has no Body and nothing can accommodate or contain God, hence transmigration (tanasuqh) of God from one body to another is meaningless. Nearness to God is not physical but spiritual.

37. It is You (O God)
Imam Husain (A.S) in his supplication on the day of ‘A’rafah’ has prayed to God as follows: “Oh My Master! it is You who favored gracefully, It is You who provided all bountiful blessings, It is You who did everything best and performed everything beautifully.
It is You who has granted excellence and superiority and accomplished everything with pink of perfection.
It is You who provided sustenance1 for all.”
It is You whose goodwill ensures success.
It is You who bestowed all gifts, enriched, made people devoted, provided shelter & sufficiency.
It is You who has guided, safeguarded, covered & clothed.
It is You who has forgiven, disregarded & connived (at sins).
It is You who has given dominance, honor and strength.
It is You who has assisted, supported, approved, and given victory2.
It is You who has cured, provided health and security3.
It is You who are munificent, It is You who have bestowed affluence & exalted. Perpetual prayers is for You & bountiful gratefulness is for You forever.
1 If God has made some people rich to provide work for the poor and give up extravagance and brutal wars, then poverty can be driven out of all the countries of the world
2 Real victor is he whom God regards as a victor because of obeying him. Do not consider martyrs who die in the way of God as dead but they are alive and provided with sustenance
3 Doctors, medicines, prayers & alms help in recovery from illness if God approves.

38. Ascension and God
At God’s command Mohammad (S.A) the last & best messenger of God was taken up on Burraqh from sky to sky by Gabriel (A.S) the angel of revelation. During his journey he was introduced to a number of angels, who after salaam and welcome greetings prayed for Mohammad (S.A.).
On the first sky he met Ismaiel (A.S.) the chief of all angels there, then he met the angel Maalek(A.S.) in charge of Hell; this angel was awful and he never smiles and gets extremely wrathful on seeing the sinners and criminals. He will punish all enemies of God in Hell.
The holy Messenger was also introduced to E’zraiel (A.S.), the angel of death. All the seven skies were full of angels. It is said that each sky has ten times more angels than the previous lower sky. The holy messenger of God, during his ascent from sky to sky was also introduced to a number of divine messengers, such as, Adam (A.S.) the ancestor of all mankind. Yahya (A.S.) and Jesus, son of Mary (A.S.). He was also introduced to Joseph (A.S.) on the third sky, Idris(A.S.) on the fourth sky ,then Haroon(A.S.) on the fifth sky, and Moses(A.S.) on the sixth sky, and Abraham(A.S.) on the seventh sky by the side of Bayt ul Mamoor, wherein after performance of ‘salaat’ he saw some of his companions.(who had died) After seeing Kawthar and Rahmat , the two heavenly streams, he entered Paradise and perceived the houses built for him and his Ahle Bayt , their courtyards had the fragrance of musk.
There the holy Messenger (S.A.) was reminded about recitation of the statements written below the Throne (عرش(

لا حول و لا قوه الا بالله العلي العظيم ولا منجا منك الا اليك

“There is no power and might except Allah (God) The Most High, The Magnificent and there is no refuge against You except towards You.”
Then the holy messenger (S.A.) performed congregation prayers and the angels prayed behind him. Afterwards he proceeded further and Gabriel (A.S.) told him: ”This is ‘Sidrat ul Muntaha’ I cannot go beyond it, you may proceed further. (Tafseere Borhan V: 2 P: 404)
a) When the holy messenger reached Sidratul Muntaha in his ascension* to the seventh sky, Gabriel said: “I cannot proceed further you may go ahead. You are in a place where no creation of God has reached nor shall ever reach.” There it was that Mohammad (S.A) said: “ I heard my God said; “O Mohammad! Messengership has come to an end; who is in your mind as your successor?” I replied; “My Lord! I have tested all people but I could not find any one more obedient to me than Ali. (Tafseere Qummi V:2 P:3)
b) The holy messenger has said when he reached the last stage of ascension until the spiritual distance between him and God was equal to or less than two bows (Qabe Qausain) he heard the voice of God, the Almighty, which was exactly like the voice of Ali (A.S). Then God told him that He spoke to him in the tone of Ali because the voice and tone of Ali was more pleasing to the messenger than anyone else.
c) There is a narration that God asked: “O Mohammad! Whom do you love amongst all people?” I replied: “My Lord Ali Ibne Abi Talib.” God said: “Look! who is next to you?” when I looked towards my left, I perceived Ali Ibne Abi Talib. (Tafseere Borhan V: 2 P: 404)
Note: In Surah e Najm Qabe Qausain is mentioned, but it does not mean physical distance, because God is nearer to everyone than his own self. A person can always reach God with the speed of thought, so God is always near at the same time distant. The Names of God, Al Qaribo and Al Baeedo do not indicate the distance of two bows between God and Mohammad (S.A). This distance is not physical but spiritual and it is interpreted as the everlasting spiritual distance between the Creator and the Creation. No created being can claim to be the Creator, Who is Unique and only One and ever alive.

39. Glorification of God
Sa‛id ibn Musayyab said that Imam Sajjad once recited this glorification and said: “This is the greatest glorification and it is from the Holy Messenger of God (S.A)”
This Glorification (is recited while prostrating after accomplishing a two-unit salaat): Glory be to You, O God! I beg Your loving care.
Glory be to You, O God! And You are Exalted, High.
Glory be to You O God! And Honor is Your wrap and veil.
Glory be to You O God! And Majesty is Your cloak.
Glory be to you O God! And Greatness is Your Might.
Glory be to You in Majesty! How Majestic You are!
Glory be to You! You are glorified in the highest (assembly)! You hear and see what is beneath the ground.
Glory be to You! You are aware of every secret conversation.
Glory be to You! The (ultimate) place of all complaints.
Glory be to You! Present in every gathering.
Glory be to You! The one relied upon with great hope.
Glory be to You! You see all that is in the caves at the bottom of water.
Glory be to You! You hear the breaths of fishes in the caves of oceans.
Glory be to You! You are aware of weight of the heavens.
Glory be to You! You are aware of weight of the earths.
Glory be to You! You are aware of weight of the sun and the moon.
Glory be to You! You are aware of weight of the darkness and the light.
Glory be to You! You are aware of weight of the shadow and the air.
Glory be to You! You are aware of weight of the wind, and how much heavier it is than the dust particle.(which floats in it)
Glory be to You! the Most Holy! the Most Holy!
Glory be to You! How astonishing! that one who knows You does not fear You?
Glory be to You! My God! And Yours is all praise.
Glory be to You. The Most High! The Most Magnificent!
Note: God’s Light is everywhere, within the hearts of all men and jinn, angels, birds and animals but it is not confined to any single body or person like Pharoah who claimed :I am your Majestic God.

40. The Good & Great Names of God
The Numerous Names of God may help in understanding God to some extent.
God’s holy Messenger (S.A) has said: “ we could not understand Thee to the extent as worthy of Thee.” (و ما عرفناک حق معرفتک)
Imam Sajjad (A.S) has said: “ You have not provided to Your creatures any way of understanding Your Self except incapacity to know You.” (%مناجات عارفين)
No creature can understand the creator of the entire universe
God is incomprehensible, but God is closer to everyone than his own self. Man is the best creation of God, but no man is God, Man can not create even a fly, a honey bee or a mosquito.
God is the Near most and the Distant at the same time. God has no body, He is Light of the heavens & the earth.
The Names of God depict His various attributes. Man remembers calls or recites God’s Excellent Names with full trust in Him while praying, eg. Ya Shaafi (يا شافي من استشفاه) O! the curer of one, who seeks cure from Him. while imploring for good health.
Al Karimul Wahhabo Zuttowle (الکريم الوهاب ذوالطول) The Generous, The Munificent ,The Giver of bounties for sustenance.
For forgiveness of sins, a person recites: ‘ Ya Ghaffar’ O! The Most Forgiving . God forgives every sin of man who repents sincerely, except the unforgivable sins like polytheism & murder of God’s Divine Messenger & the immaculate Imam for which punishment of God is definite in this world or in the Hereafter.
Thanking God for any of His blessings makes that blessing bountiful.
1. Allah= God’s Divine Self with innumerable qualities
2. نور Noor= The Light (God is The Light of the heavens and the earth. Light is energy)
3. المحيط Al Moheet= The All-Encompassing ( or surrounding.) (God is present everywhere.) (The Omnipresent)
4. الاول Al Avval= God is The First (The Primal Existence)
5. الواحد Al Wahid= God is The One (without limit)
6. الاحد Al Ahad= God is The Unique, (No one is like God)
7. الفرد Al Fard= God is The Single in His supremacy
8. الوتر Al Vatr= God is Odd (has no relations, wife or children)
9. الحيُ القيوم Al Hai Al Qayyum= God is Ever living (The Self Existent)
10. القديم Al Qadeem= God is The Most Ancient (existence from eternity)
11. الخالق Al Khaleq= The Creator (of the entire universe with His mere intention)
12. الفاطر Al Fatir= The Creator (with no specimen to copy it)
13. الباري Al Baari= The Maker (of everything. e.g. treasures in mountains and wonders in oceans)
14. البديع Al Badi’e= The Originator (of creation with no partner)
15. المصور Al Mosavver= The Fashioner (of shapes and forms in the wombs)
16. الجميل Al Jameel= The Elegant and Beautiful
17. الذاري Az Zaari= The Creator of souls as particles.
(God asked: “Am I not your Lord?” They replied: “Indeed You are”.)
18. الفتاح Al Fattah = The Opener (of creation)
19. الصانع As-Saana’y = The Fabricator, (The Performer of all good deeds)
20. الحق Al Haqq’ = The Truth
21. الصادق As Sadeq= The Truthful
22. العادل Al A’adel= The Just
23. العدل Al Adl= The Justice
24. القاضي Al Qaazi= The Judge
25. الوکيل Al Vakeel = The Trustee
26. الحکيم Al Hakeem = The Wise
27. الشهيد Ash Shaheed = The Witness
28. الشاهد Ash Shahid = The Observer
29. البصير Al Baseer = The All Seeing
30. الرايي Ar Raaie= The Perceiver
31. السميع As Samie’ = The All Hearing
32. السامع As Saama’y= The Hearer
33. العليم Al Aleem= The All Knowing
34. الخبير Al Khabeer= The All Aware
35. الطيف Al Lateef= The Subtle
36. الظاهر الباطن Az Zaahir, Al Baatin = The Manifest, The Hidden
37. المبين Al Mobeen = The Obvious
38. الغني AL Ghani= The Rich
39. المنان Al Mannan = The Granter of blessings
40. الجواد Al Javad= The Liberal
41. الوهاب Al Wahhaab= The Munificent
42. الواسع Al Waasa’y= The Bounteous
43. الکافي Al Kaafi = The Sufficient
44. الحبيب Al Habeeb = The Friend (of the pious)
45. الودود Al Wadood = The Affectionate
46. الناصر An Naasir = The Helper
47. النصر An Naseer = The Best Helper
48. الحفي Al Hafi= The Hospitable
49. الباسط Al Baaseth = The Extending
50. القابض Al Qaabez = The Restricting
51. الرازق Ar Raazeq= The Sustainer
52. الرزاق Ar Razzaaq= The Great Sustainer
53. الکريم Al Kareem= The Generous
54. الاکرم Al Akram= The Most Generous
55. الرئوف Ar Raoof= The Most Kind
56. الحافظ Al Haafez= The Protector
57. السلام As Salaam = The Giver of Health(Al Solaiman means full of Health)
58. الشافي Ash Shaafi= The Healer of illnesses
59. الرقيب Ar Raqeeb = The Watchful
60. الطبيب At Tabeeb = The Physician
61. الطاهر At Taaher = The Purifier ( from sins and pollution)
62. المومن Al Momin= The Granter of Security
63. المهيمن Al Mohaymin= The Guardian
64. الشاکر Ash Shaakir= The Thankful
65. الشکور Ash Shukoor= The Acceptant of Thanks
66. المقيت Al Muqeet= The Nourisher ( of body and soul)
67. الوفي Al Wafi= The One who Fulfills His Promises
68. البر Al Barr= The Benign
69. الرب Ar Rabb= The Lord or Provider
70. الرحمن Ar Rahmaan= The Beneficent ( for all mankind)
71. الرحيم Ar Raheem = The Merciful ( for the believers)
72. الهادي Al Haadi = The Guide ( for those who implore for guidance)
73. الحميد Al Hameed= The Laudable
74. السبوح As Subbuh = The Most praised
75. القدوس Al Quddoos = The Most Holy
76. الملک Al Malek = The Sovereign
77. العلي الاعلي Al Ali Al Aa’la= The High/The Most High, The Supreme
78. المتعالي Al Mutaa’ali= The Master
79. المولي Al Movla = The Master
80. الارفع Al Arf’a= The Lofty
81. المتين Al Mateen = The Strong
82. المجيد Al Majeed = The Glorious
83. الجليل Al Jaleel= The Venerable, The Sublime, The Magnificent
84. القدير Al Qadeer= The Able
85. القادر Al Qaadir= The Powerful, The Capable
86. المقتدر Al Moqtadir =The All Powerful
87. العظيم Al Azeem = The Excellent
88. الاعظم Al A’azam= The Most Excellent
89. العزيز Al Azeez= The Mighty, The Dearly Loved
90. المعز Al Moiz= The Giver of Might
91. المتکبر Al Motakabbir = The Imperious
92. الکبير Al Kabeer = The Great
93. الاکبر Al Akbar = The Greatest
94. الجبار Al Jabbar= The Omnipotent
95. الجابر( العظم الکسير) Al Jaaber = The Joiner ( of broken bones)
96. القاهر Al Qaahir= The Dominant, The Victor
97. القهار Al Qahhar = The Most Dominant (The Conqueror)
98. الغالب Al ghaaleb= The Invincible, The Winner, The Vanquisher
99. القوي Al Qawi= The Strong
100. المقوي Al Moqawwi = The Giver of Strength
101. القريب البعيد Al Qareeb, Al Bae’ed = The Nearest, The Distant
102. ذوالجلال والاکرام Zuljalaale wal Ikram= The Majestic, The Munificent
103. ذوالطول Zut Towl = The Bountiful
104. ذوالانتقام Zul Inteqam = The Avenger
105. ذوالفضل Zul Fazl = The Possessor of Grace & Excellence
106. ذوالعرش Zul A’rsh = Lord of the Throne
107. ذوالمعارج Zul Ma’arej =Lord of High Ranks
108. عالم الغيب A’lim ul Ghaib = The Knower of the Unseen
109. اهل التقوي Ahl at Taqwa = The Pious
110. قابل التوب Qabil at-Towb = The Acceptor of Repentance
111. منزل الغيث Munzil al Ghais= The Sender of Rain
112. غياث المستغيثين Ghiath al Mustaghitheen = The Rescuer for the seeker of relief
113. مدبر الامر Mudabbir ul Amr = The Prudent Manager of Affairs
114. مالک الملک Maalik al Mulk = The Owner of all kingdoms
115. احکم الحاکمين Ahkam al Haakimeen = The Ruler of all rulers
116. سيد المتوکلين Sayyid al Mutavakkaleen= The Chief of the trusted
117. خيرالفاصلين Khairal Fasileen = The Best of judges
118. خيرالماکرين Khair al Makereen = The Best Deviser of strategy
119. خيرالرازقين Khair ar Raazeqeen = The Best of all the providers
120. يا مفزع الملهوفين Ya Mafz’a al Malhufeen = The Refuge of the aggrieved
121. يا من لا تحويل الفکر Ya mann la Tahweel al Fikr = The One Beyond the grasp of Thinking
122. شديدالمحال Shadeed al Mihal = Great in Might
123. شديدالعقاب Shadeed al E’qaab = Severe in Retaliation, Requital
124. احسن الخالقين Ahsan al Khaleqeen= The Best of all the creators
125. رب الارباب Rabbul Arbaab= The Lord of all the lords
126. المنجي Al Munji = The Savior
127. المجير Al Mujeer = The Rescuer
128. الملجا Al Malja = The Refuge, The Shelter
129. المانع Al Mana’y = The Obstructing
130. الصابر As-Saaber = The Patient, The Tolerant
131. الصبور As-Saboor = The Bearer with Patience
132. الصبار As-Sabbar = the Most Patient
133. الحليم Al Haleem = The Forbearing
134. العفو Al A’fwo = The Pardoning
135. الغافر Al Ghaafir = The Forgiver
136. الغفور Al Ghafoor = The Forgiving
137. الغفار Al Ghaffar = The Most Forgiving
138. التواب At Tawwab = The Oft Turning, The Acceptant of apology & repentance
139. المجيب Al Mojeeb= The Responding
140. المحي AL Mohyi = The Vivifying
141. المميت Al Mumeet = The Killer
142. الباعث Al Baa’ith = The Reviver of the dead
143. الجامع Al Jaama’y = The Gatherer(on the day of judgment)
144. الحسيب Al Haseeb = The Reckoner
145. الديان Ad-Dayyan = The One who compensates (rewards or punishes)
146. الباقي Al-Baqi = The Ever Lasting
147. الوارث Al Warith = The Inheritor
148. الاخر Al Aakher= The Everlasting last
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