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It has been narrated in the book Mo'jezat va Karamat

It has been narrated in the book Mo'jezat va Karamat that the great scholar Sheikh Mohammad Ali Va'ez-e Khorasani heard from the great scholar Sheikh Muhammad Husayn Ghomsheie that:
"When I was young, I was a student at the theological seminary of the holy city of Mashhad. I lead a very tough life since I had no one to support me financially. At one stage, I was not even able to pay my house rent. In order to attract Allah's blessing, and be relieved of these unbearable trails I decided to fast for three consecutive days without breaking my fast in the evenings, as is customary. On the third day, When I had almost no more energy, I went to the blessed shrine of the great Imam Reza(A.S.) and pleaded to him to help me! I was so exhausted and weak that I lost consciousness there. In that state of unconsciousness, I noticed a great Sayyid standing by my side. He addressed me by name and told me, "Why don't you try to find a job?! This kind of fasting is haram (unlawful) to any one, but the prophets!
Shocked by what I had experienced in that state of mind, I stood up and went back to my house. I started looking for something to sell, as that was the easiest and most immediate job I could think of in order to obey the Holy Imam's order! I found a silver bowl and sold it. With the money I gained I bought some food for breaking my long fast. On the morning of next day I started looking for a job.
It was difficult to find a job, since I had no practical experience, except for studying! Finally I convinced myself to work as a porter for a while, but while carying a heavy wooden box on my shoulders a sharp, long nail pierced my right shoulder!
As some days passed, a severe pain developed in my shoulder and gradually became worse. I referred to some famous doctors and one of them said it was incurable and that the only chance for staying alive was cutting off my shoulder. Unable to suffer any more, I agreed with the doctor and was prepared to undergo the operation.
However, when I went to the hospital for the operation, the doctor said "I'm sorry, but I can only operate on your shoulder if you get an approval letter from one of the great Ulama of Mashhad. I can't accept the high responsibility otherwise, since you have no relatives at hand."
When I left his clinic I was not only suffering from the serious pain, but worried about how to get the approval letter. In a desperate mood I started to walk towards the blessed shrine of Imam Reza(A.S.) and went straight towards the holy Zarih. I clasped the blessed Zarih and started crying and pleading to the Imam to relieve me from the pain and disease. As usual it was very crowded aroung the Zarih and whenever someone touched my shoulder I would shout loudly with pain and ask him not to come near me because the pain I had was not tolerable. This had attracted the attention of the pilgrims, who could not see the wound, but could only see me and the hindrance I had made of myself! I was meanwhile humbly requesting Imam Reza(A.S.) to heal me. I was so doing when I noticed a spiritual being approaching me. I was quite sure he was Imam Reza(A.S.) who had also met me while I was fasting and in a state of unconsciosness. The great Imam came near me, put his blessed hand over my shoulder and while rubbing it asked me, "Do you still feel the pain?" I was not able to say no as the pain was still there, and did not wish to disappoint my beloved Imam by saying yes either! But as if he could read my mind, he smiled gently and started to rub my shoulder with his blessed hand for a few more moments. Then I noticed that the pain in my shoulder was totally gone and I could even easily move it. The only thing left on my shoulder was the sign of the blessed nail of the great Imam instead of the ugly wound that was there before.
I cried happily and thanked Allah and Imam Reza(A.S.)for healing me.
The next day when I went to the doctor and showed him my shoulder, he was extremely surprised and said this is a miracle of Jesus! This is truly a miracle! I assured him that Jesus had definitely nothing to do with this particular miracle and it was Imam Reza(A.S.) that was to be thanked and credited for it!
The great Sheikh Khorasani says that the sign of the Imam's nail on the shoulder of Sheikh Ghomsheie is still present about fifty years after the miraculous event!


Glorious Healing Account of Hajj Sayyid Muhammad Ali Jazayeri 
The great Sayyid Muhammad-Ali Jazayeri, too, was healed at the blessed shrine of Imam Reza(A.S.). He weites:
It was 1st of Zil-Hajjah, 1372 AH, (1951 AD) when I left Khuzestan for the holy city of Mashhad to visit the blessed shrine of Imam Reza(A.S.). When I reached Mashhad it was autumn time and the weather was much colder than my homeland in Khuzestan. The weather is not that cold there even in the winter. On the 9th of Zil-Hajjah (the Arafat day) I was at the east Ivan of Gowharshad Mosque and was busy performing the particular supplications of that day i.e., the prayers of Imam Hussain(A.S.) the "Doyen of all Martyrs".
I had worn warm clothes and due to that I was sweating a lot. As the weather was so cold and I was sweating, when I left the Ivan I caught a bad cold and developed a pain in my chest that became worse as the days went by. I was used to this seasonal disease in my homeland too, which often used to last for two months, but there I would take medicine and rest which helped the process of recovery.
But here I was a stranger on a journey I was afraid that if the disease become worse and lasted for the full two months what would I do then?!
As there is usually a huge presence of pilgrims in holy city of Mashhad and the city is often packed with them especially during some particular months, my friends had arranged the return ticket for the 18th of Zil-Hajjah, the Eid-i Ghadeer, and, I had gotten ill on 9th of Zil-Hajjah.
As we were scheduled to leave Mashhad on the 18th, with much difficulty I went to the blessed shrine of Imam Reza(A.S.) on the night of the 17th for pleading to the great Imam to heal me before my friends departed and left me behind, sick and alone! I decided to clasp the Zarih and request the great Imam for my recovery, but around the Zarih there was a sea of pilgrims which made it impossible to approach for a sick man! As I was not successful to clasp the Zarih I went towards one of the Riwaqs, namely Dar-ul-Huffaz, and sat there, facing the holy shrine. I raised my hand and requested Imam to help me as I had to be leaving the following day! When I bid the Imam farewell and started walking towards the exit door which leads to the Gowharshad mosque. With a heavy heart, at the steps of the door, near the "shoe-keeping-place", I decided to lie down on them and rub myself against them hoping to get recovery at least from the dust of the shoes of the Imam's pilgrims"! But the pilgrims stream from the steps was so high that it was quite difficult to lie down on the steps! However, I decided to somehow bend and kiss the steps! When I bent to kiss them though, I noticed two dried-grapes on the marble steps, I was surprised to see how could those two dried-grapes have remained untouched considering the huge rush of the pilgrims on the steps. I thought may be a pilgrim had brought them had fallen on the steps. But how could they remain on the marble steps without getting crushed with such a huge flow of pilgrims?
At any rate, I picked the dried grapes and went to our residence. There, my friends asked me about the shrine and I told them how I had found the dried grapes on the marble steps. One of my friends took one of the dried grape from me for his relatives and I took a small bite from it himself. Only one dried grape was left for me then, of which I too bit a small portion, keeping the remainder of it for my family!
Soon after I ate a small bit of the dried grape I regained my health and there was no sign of the cold or the chest pain any more. I even felt healthier and stronger than ever before in my whole life! I told my friends that this was a miracle.
On the morning of the next day we left Mashhad, and by the great attention and blessings of Imam Reza(A.S.) to this date (1376AH-1955AD) I have not caught any cold or chest pain in winters, as I often used to catch.


A Blind Man Recovers his Eyesight 
Reza Abul Hasan who heard from his father and narrates:
"Once when I was asleep I had a dream in which I saw the twelve Imams(A.S.) around a pond in a courtyard. I could also see a blind man circulating the Zarih and it seemed as if he was asking for something. Then I heard Imam Ali(A.S.) who addressed Imam Reza(A.S.) pointed towards the blind man with his wet hands, which he had washed in the pond.
In the morning when I woke up I hurried towards the shrine to find whether anyone had been healed during the previous night or not? I was informed that a blind man was healed! I asked where I could find him and when I managed to locate him I asked about the miraculous event. He said "All I can say is that I felt a drop of water on my eyes and then I was abled to see!


Sultan Sanjar's Son's Exciting Healing Account
It has been stated in the books "Tohfat-ur Razaviyyah" and "Wasilat-ur Rizvan" that the son of Sultan Sanjar of Seljukid Dynasty was healed in the year 515 AH (1117 AD). The following true story is a detailed account of the miraculous historical event and how he appreciated the Imam's benevolence:
"Sultan Sanjar's son had suffered from the Marasmius disease for quite a few years. He often had a severe fever and was most of the times nervous. The doctors had diagnosed that his disease was partly psychological and due to his being often unsuccessful in hunting.
Once, when the prince had gone hunting in a jungle near Tous along with some courtiers, they come across a deer. The sultan's son ordered his courtiers to trap the deer, but it had managed to escape the trap and flee. The prince had then chased the deer on horseback. The deer had somehow managed to enter the Tous region. But, after a long chase, finally it was nearly cornered. This happened near the blessed tomb of Imam Reza(A.S.) which had a very simple shrine at that time.
The deer had moved towards the shrine and the Sultan's son had followed it there. As the deer had entered the precinct of the shrine and the Sultan's son had intended to follow and catch it, his horse had refrained from moving a step further. He had tried hard to force the horse enter in the shrine but it was just no use. The mysterious behavior of horse as well as the deer's taking refuge in the shrine of the Imam Reza(A.S.) had greatly surprised the prince. He had then ordered his courtiers to accompany him to that place so that they could find out about its secret.
They had then all humbly went inside the blessed shrine of Imam Reza(A.S.). The sultan's son had got both greatly astonished and mysteriously pleased with the divine spiritual atmosphere prevailing at the holy shrine. There, he had felt a pleasant tranquillity and peace of mind, of which he had been deprived for such a long time.
Then he had thought it would be a good idea to plead to the great Imam Reza(A.S.) for a prompt and permanent healing of the disease that had made life miserable for so many years for him. He had put his head on the grave and started crying and pleading to the Imam for his full and prompt recovery.
"O Almighty Allah! For the sake of this blessed and infallible personality accept my humble prayers and heal me!"
Then at once he had felt all the depression and other symptoms of his diseases, of which he had been suffering for so long completely disappear, and it had been certainly by the grace of God and the blessings of the great Imam Reza(A.S.).
He later on promptly wrote to his father, Sultan Sanjar, about the good news, and meanwhile requested him to send the best architects and artists to construct the best possible shrine at the holy place and also for the development of the holy city in which it is located, Tous.
When Sultan Sanjar received this letter from his son and learned about his recovery by the great Imam he dispatched the requested team of architects and artists, commissioning them to reconstruct the shrine and develop the city.


Helping a Pilgrim to Find his Life Partner 
The following miraculous event has been narrated to Theqat-ul-Islam Hajj Sheikh Ali Akbar Moravvej by the Sheikh Mohammad, who was a "Kafshdar"(shoe-keeper) at the shrine. He had heard it from the late Mirza Ali Naqi Ghazvini, who said:
"It was Nowruz time and I had set out towards the blessed shrine so that I could be present there when the New Year would start. As usual, inside and outside of the shrine was packed with a sea of pilgrims, who had intended to spend the beginning of the New Year with their beloved Imam, just like myself.
Anyhow, I managed to find a place for myself near the shrine with much difficulty, and beside me there was a young man who suggested, "Plead to the Imam and ask him whatever you want. Be sure he will answer your call and fulfill your demand!" When I heard the comments of the young pilgrim I thought to myself he must be either making fun of me or be a little bit crazy! As if he had read my mind, he said, "Don't ever think that I don't have faith in my Imam or that I am not serious when I tell you he will grant you your wish! I have seen how he performs miracles. Now listen to me and let the others too know he performs miracles. Now listen to me and let the others too know how kind he is:
"Firstly, let me introduce myself - I'm Nasrullah, from Kashmar. At home my father used to treat me very inappropriately. Hence I decided to leave Kashmar for Mashhad to perform a pilgrimage and visit the blessed shrine of the great Imam, and meanwhile ask him to advise my old man to behave! I therefore started my trip towards Mashhad on foot.
I arrived in the holy city safely after some days and as I was a stranger there and had no one to visit, I immediately went towards the bless shrine.
I entered the shrine and recited the pilgrimage salutations (Ziyarat Nameh). While I was near the blessed Zarih I accidentally took a glance at a young girl who was there with her mother for Ziyarat. I, who had fallen in love at first sight, went towards the Zarih, clasped to it and pleaded to the great Imam that "I have seen a girl at your holy shrine and I would like to marry her, so please accept my wish and make my dream come true!" I then kept on crying and pleading humbly to the great Imam to grant me my request, forgetting totally the reason for which I had traveled to him originally!I had become exhausted and yet I kept holding the Zarih, repeating my request to the great Imam! Then, I noticed the lamps inside and outside the holy shrine were all lighted and I realized that it was the time for evening prayers, I offered my prayers and once again I went to the Zarih, clasped to it started pleading to the great Imam Again!
"O Master! I won't leave you unless you fulfill my wish!" Then suddenly I heard a voice saying "Ayyuhal Mominun! Fi Amanullah!" (O Faithful pilgrim! May Almighty Allah be with you upon your departure.) I hurried towards the exit door as I thought the Khuddams were closing the shrine for a special purpose! When I reached the shoe-keepers' kiosk to get my shoes, I saw a gentleman leaning against the door of kiosk. When I approached him he said "Are you Nasrullah Kashmari?! Quite astonished, I said "Yes, who are you?!" "Come with me! You have been summoned!" he said.
I started to follow him, and at first I thought since I had left home without getting permission from my father or even informing my family, may be my father had informed one of his friends in Mashhad to find my whereabouts and this man might be my father's friend, taking me to him to be punished! He took me to a big house and guided me to a gentleman who was waiting for me in a beautiful room. When he saw me he said "Are you Nasrullah Kashmari?!" "Yes!" I replied "but who are you and how do you know me?!"
The gentleman said "Very well, you will soon come to know all about me!" Then he turned towards one of his servants and said "Go to my brother-in-law and tell him that I want to see him immediately!" The servant went away and after a short while he came back apparently with the gentleman's brother-in-law.
They saluted each other and then the gentleman told his brother-in-law "Well! The truth is that I have called you here to tell you something very important! This afternoon, after we had lunch, your sister and my daughter went to visit the blessed shrine of Imam Reza(A.S.) and I went to my bedroom for my afternoon nap. I had a dream in which I heard someone knocking at the door. As I asked who it was someone said, "Imam Reza(A.S.) Would like to see you!" Extremely delighted, I immediately woke up, got dressed and went towards the shrine. When I reached "Ivan-e Tala", I noticed Imam Reza(A.S.) who was sitting on a carpet there, but no body except me could recognize him. When he saw me he stood up and invited me to sit. He then said "This is Mirza Nasrullah. He has seen your daughter and he has pleaded to me to arrange for their marriage! I'm sure they would make a perfect match! Now would you give your daughter in marriage to him?! This had all happened while I was taking my afternoon nap, and I realized it when I woke up. Then I immediately sent my servant to find Mirza Nasrullah, giving him his exact description, which I had seen in the dream. "Bring him here," I told my servant, and now as you can see Mirza Nasrullah is here! That is the reason why I have called you and I would like to have your advise too on the matter! His brother-in-law said "When our great Imam commands anything who am I to have anything to add?! It is our bound duty to accept his orders and I'm sure she will be the luckiest with the man who has been approved by the Imam!"
When I heard the gentleman's comments and his brother-in-law's confirmation, I burst out crying with happiness as I had seen how perfectly and nicely my wish had been granted to me by the great, kind hearted Imam.
Later on, the necessary arrangements for the marriage ceremony were made by the gentleman. They invited my family members, who were, too, greatly surprised to find out from what a distinguished family their son had chosen a life companion! I got married to the woman whose hand I had requested from the great Imam and we are among the luckiest couples in the world!
That was why, I suggested you to ask anything from Imam Reza(A.S.) and your wish will be definitely granted!


A Pilgrim Receives Warm Bread 
The following miraculous event is narrated to Theqat-ul-Islam Hajj Sheikh Ali Akbar Moravvej by Mirza Abul Qasim Khan, who said:
In the year 1339 AH (1918 AD), one of my friends, Zainul Abedin Khan was a very pious and faithful person, who had arrived from holy city of Mashhad to Tehran after seven months and narrated the miraculous event.
"When I was on my way from holy city of Mashhad to Tehran I accidentally met with a fellow who I didn't know whether he was Muslim or not but after being together for days we became friends and then I understood he was the follower of the "Bahai'' heresy.
We used to exchange our mutual "religious" views and I came to know that the heritical Bahais do not accept any sort of miracles!
On our way as we were discussing, the Bahai said to me "You people claim that your Imams are alive even after their death, and believe that there is no difference whether the Imam is dead or alive he hears, sees and is even aware of every affair! And you also claim that your Imams can perform miracles and they are aware of hidden and manifest things!
Now we are far away from the city and as you performed the pilgrimage to his shrine, why don't you ask your Imam Reza(A.S.) to arrange bread for! Ask for bread! and then give some to me so that I can believe that you people say the truth!
When I heard the comments of the wicked creature, I was totally disappointed and didn't know what to do and how to convince him. Then I said to him, "Ok, I wil reply to your request and unintentionally I pit my hand in my cloak and surprisingly I found "a warm bread" I took it out and gave to him! He was astonished and his face was faded and was totally changed, then I said to him come out of your ignorance and accept Islam!


Sayyid Sistani's Stimulating Recovery 

Date of Healing: Wednesday 16th of Shawwal, 1371 AH. (1950 AD).
The following miraculous event has been narrated by Theqat-ul-Islam Hajj Sheikh Ali Akbar Moravvej:
"I had seen Sayyid Sistani plenty of times at the shrine of Imam Reza(A.S.) and he had been paralyzed ever since I could remember. He was not able to move without other's help and I had seen how he always came to the holy shrine. Someone would carry him either on his back, or by some other means some people would carry him and leave him at the entrance of the shrine. Then by crawling on the floor of the blessed shrine he would reach the chamber at the back of the blessed head side of the Imam (Posht-e Sar-e Mubarak), which used to be called as "Towhid Khaneh". There he used to select a corner, against a wall or a column, and recite the pilgrimage salutatuions' (Ziyarat Nameh) of Imam Reza(A.S.) first for himself and then for the pilgrims, who would help the disabled Sayyid in return. This was how he used to earn this humble living.
Once, when I was reciting the Holy Qur'an at the blessed head of the Imam he too was on the other side. As he knew me, he approached me crawling, saluted and asked me for an Estekhareh (consultation with the Holy Qur'an), I did so and gave him the response according to the Holy Qur'an.
He then told me that the Estekhareh was for making a decision regarding his residence. "The roof is damaged and water leaks whenever it rains. And it is deteriorating my already poor health, so I decided to move to a more appropriate house, but as my landlord is so much attached to me he insists that I shouldn't leave his house, hence I wanted to consult the Holy Qur'an in order to get Allah's advise on the issue."
A few days later I heard the beating of kettle drums, which means a miracle had been observed at the shrine. When I inquired about it I was informed that the Sayyid had been healed by Imam Reza(A.S.) the previous night! Many great ulama who were sure about his previous physical status had confirmed the occurrence of the miracle. Even the famous Persian daily of the province, "Khurasan" had published a full account of the miraculous event on its front page.
I met Sayyid in the afternoon of the following day at the holy shrine and noticed that he was fine and on his feet. When he noticed I was looking at him and praising Allah, walking towards me happily he greeted me. I then asked him about the great event. He narrated a detailed account, of which I will tell you the important parts in his own words:
"I had been paralyzed for twelve years as you know. I had referred to many specialists but had gained no result. I had lost hope for recovery and was very depressed and disappointed when I finally realized that my disability was incurable.
Quite sure about Allah's endless blessings that are endowed upon his slaves through His special servants, and with a heart filled with Imam Reza's (A.S.) love, I cried and humbly requested the great Imam to heal this miserable creature! After performance of reciting the supplications and performing the prayers I fell asleep in the holy shrine.
I dreamt that two great Sayyids, one of them was younger, about twenty five, and the other one quite old appeared at a distance and then walked to me.
The one who was older addressed me by name and said "Stand up!" I said, "But I've been paralyzed for twelve years my master and I cannot stand on these feet"! He smiled, as if he wanted to make me understand he knew it all, and just repeated more loudly "I'm ordering you to stand up Sayyid!" After giving it a useless try I repeated, "I'm sorry master, but I just can't!". On the third time, when he ordered me he sounded a little bit angry and very loud: "I command you to stand up, so don't talk instead!" This time I got so scared that involuntary I stood! Then I noticed that I was even able to move thanks to the blessings of the great Imam. I was healed! I did not inform my family of the good news that night and spent the night thanking God at the holy shrine.
In the morning when my family found out about the miraculous event and they all rejoiced. Then they informed the neighbors and all the great ulama who knew about my previous physical state came to my house to observe the authenticity of the account peronally. When they saw me walking with no sign of disability they went and informed the "Office for Registration of Miracles'', then the Khuddams started beating the kettle drums at the Naqqar Khaneh.


A Blind Person Regains his Eyesight 
The following miraculous event has been narrated by Muhaddith Qummi in his book Fawa'ed-ur Razaviyyeh:
Muhammad ibn Ali Neyshabouri had been blind for seventeen years.
Once, fed up with living in total darkness for so many years, having to lead a life in which he was depended on others, he decided to get his recovery from Imam Reza(A.S.) and start a new life. Therefore he set out towards holy city of Mashhad.
He entered the holy shrine and went towards the blessed Zarih after recitation of the pilgrimage salutations (Ziyarat Nameh) of Imam Reza(A.S.). He then started crying and with a broken heart humbly pleaded to the great Imam for an urgent recovery. He then put his head on the sacred grave of Imam!
While crying, he once lifted his head to wipe his tears and he suddenly found out that his eyes were healed and he could once again see everywhere as he once had in his early childhood. He cried with happiness and shouted "I'm healed! I'm healed! The great, kind-hearted Imam has healed me!."
After this miraculous event Mohammad Neyshabouri decided to stay in holy city of Mashhad for the rest of his life, as he could not stand being away from his beloved Imam. He was known as "Bemuma-Ghezi' from then on, which in a regional dialect means "the cousin on whom a miracle was performed!"


Abdul Rahim's Wife Recovers her Health 
The following miraculous event has been stated in the book Rayat-ur Rahnama by the great scholar Agha Hajj Sayyid Ali Khurasani, known as "Alam-al Hoda". He was born in the year 1312 AH (1891) in the Karbala, Iraq, and was one of the sons of the late great scholar, Seyed Hussain, better known as "Agha Najafi Khurasani". Hajj Seyyed Ali says once the wife of one of his friends, Sheikh Abdur Rahim had got serously ill.
In the year 1341 AH (1920 AD), one summer afternoon, I saw him at the Gowharshad Mosque. He was very depressed and upset. When I inquired about his wife's health, he said "Please pray to God either to heal her or grant her death and relieve her of so much pain!"
"You have lost hope!" I said. "Yes!" he replied, "Because I have taken her to the American hospital three times and each time the doctors have emptied her stomach from the excess amount of water that is collected there after completing their check ups, but the result has always been only a temporary recovery. And today, when I took her to the same hospital the doctors informed me that the disease had reached its final stages and it is incurable at this phase. They also warned that at any time the stomach might get torn apart and all that can be done for the patient is to inject a strong tranquilizer to relieve her of the intolerable pain so long as she is alive!
Upon hearing th doctors' comments I called a cab and took my wife home.
After completing his sad story Sheikh Abdur Rahim said good bye and went away.
The other day when I saw him again at the Gowharshad Mosque I thought his wife must have expired and that I should probably condole him. As I approached the sheikh, I greeted him and cautiously asked him about his family's health in recent days. He realized what I meant and said, "No my wife is not dead! She has been healed by Imam Reza(A.S.). I inquired about the miraculous event and he narrated it as such:
When I left you the last time we had met, I went home, but as I could not stand witnessing the sufferings of my wife that night I left for the holy shrine of the great Imam. I spent the whole night at the shrine and pleaded to the great Imam to either heal my wife or ask Almighty Allah to grant her a soothing death so that she should be relieved from the terrible pain she had suffered from for such a long. In the morning I left the blessed shrine after morning prayer and started walking towards my house.
When I reach home I noticed that the main entrance door was wide poen. I thought my wife must have passed away during the night and the neighbors must have come to help with the funeral arrangements. As I entered my house though, I noticed the butcher of our neighborhood had slaughtered a sheep and was busy skinning the animal. On the other side of the yard I saw my mother-in-law and she was crying. Judging by the situation I became sure that my wife must have certainly expired. I asked my mother-in-law, "Did they take away the body!" A bit disappointed and insulted, she reprimanded, "Don't you see your wife washing her hands in the pond?!" when I looked in that direction I noticed that a very weak woman was sitting near the pond, washing her hands in it. I thought my mother-in-law must be too depressed and she must have lost her senses, as I knew my wife had not been able to move without help for the past years.
Then I hurriedly entered the house and went to the room where my wife had been bedridden. Since I could not find her there, I burst out crying and returned to the yard.
"I will to to the "Ghassal Khanah" (mortuary bath)" I told my mother-in-law, "to find her". "You must be out of your mind," she replied, "If you are looking for your wife she is there beside that pond! "Still dizzy, I approached the lady by the pond and asked her, "Batul! Is that you!" She replied! Yes! Who else did you expect it to be?! "Only when I recognized her voice, could I believe my eyes. She then said that Imam Reza(A.S.) had visited her at our house and healed her. Then we went in the house and she remarked how the miraculous event had taken place.
"Last night when you were at the shrine, near dawn I noticed that a great spiritual man entered the room and said, "stand up Batul!" I said, "I can't move master!" asking him who he was. He said, "I am Imam Reza(A.S.). Then he drew his blessed hand over my head and said, "Now stand up! You are no more ill, but only a little bit weak!" Then I woke up light hearted and stood up just as the kind Imam had ordered me. No one was in the room. Another thing which surprised me was that unlike the previous nights my bed was dry and there was no sign of the excess water of my stomach which always wetted it! There was no sign of pain, or the water inside my stomach either. Then I informed my mother that I had been healed by the great Imam and she ordered the butcher to sacrifice a big sheep to rejoice the blessed event.

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