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Nahjul Balaaghah Speaks About Ahlul Bayt


Nahjul Balaaghah is a highly valued book consisting of the 254 sermons, 48 letters, and 212 sayings of Imam Ali (a.s.) as compiled by Syed al-Radhee.

      Nahjul Balaaghah is unique to Imam Ali and its sermons and sayings were highly valued in the Islamic world.  None of the Sahaaba was ever able to produce anything the like of Nahjul Balaaghah, neither in substance nor in literary eloquence.  No wonder Ali was referred to asSayyid al-Bulaghaa' and Sayyid al-Fu'qahaa, meaning Ali of the Pinnacle of Literary Expression and the Pinnacle of the Jurisprudents [Faqeehs].

      This chapter quotes Nahjul Balaaghah about Ali's forthcoming family,Ahlul Bayt through the many generations.  Ali describes Ahlul Bayt's forthcoming generations in a startling manner, describing their status, their high rank, their immaculate behavior, and their guidance and directives, even though 9 of them (out of the 12) were not even born at this time.  He urges people to follow Ahlul Bayt's teachings and example.

      Nahjul Balaaghah contains a total of 11 references on behalf of Ahlul Bayt.  The quotes often appear in various sermons, said at variable occasions and about different subjects.

      The quotes in Arabic are computer scanned from the book of Nahjul Balaaghah, Arabic Explanation, by Dr. Subhi Al-Salih, and so is the numbering of the sermons and pages,  1st Edition, Beirut 1967.

      It is of importance to mention that the majority of Ali's sayings and speeches were stated during his Khilaafah when in Kufa, though some sayings were said before he became Khalifa.

source : ttp://www.islamicbooks.info
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