Thursday 30th of March 2023
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Smallest Golden Quran Made in Reaction to Quran Burning in the US

Having been extremely overwhelmed by the Quran desecration in the US, I decided to create a Quranic masterpiece in reply.

This is according to Ra’en Khanzadeh, Iranian Quranic artist, whose latest work has just been unveiled in Dubai’s Arab Tower Hotel with the presence of the Supreme Leader’s representative in the UAE and head of IRI’s chancery in Dubai.

He told IQNA that it took him 13 months to carve the entire holy Quran on gold using over 7 kilos of gold and other precious stones with the overall cost of ten billion Iranian rials (IRR).

“Seeking my own interest and serving the Islamic art of my country were my main objectives for creating the work,” he added.

Criticizing the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and Iranian news agencies, he said: “I wish I could have unveiled this unique Quranic work in Iran but unfortunately the ministry was not cooperative in this regard despite my insistent request.”

The smallest Quran delicately carved on two sheets of gold and ornamented with diamonds and rubies includes all the 114 Surahs of the Holy Book and its accuracy has been approved by the corresponding organizations.

It is supposed to be showcased in various museums across the world and will not be sold.

source : http://www.iqna.ir/
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