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Lady Fatimah (SWT) system of work

After going to His Holiness (Imam Ali (A.S)) house. Our Lady Fatimah (SWT) established such a system that is a model for all the women of the world to follow. Her Holiness (SWT) did all the household work alone. The work included cooking food, weaving, grinding the flour by the use of a handmill, sweeping and Trainning the two young Holy Imams Hassan (A.S) and Imam Hussain (A.S) and the two princesses Her Holiness Lady Zenab (SWT) and Her Holiness Lady Umme Kulsum (SWT). All these works our Queen used to do but never was there a change Her Holiness's temprament nor did Her Holiness (SWT) ever complaint to Imam Ali (A.S).Her Holiness Lady Fatimah (SWT) never asked for a slave girl. However when Our Lady (SWT) was given a maid in the 7th year of Migration of the Holy Prophet (SAWS) from Mecca to Medina. Her Holiness (SWT) treated the servant not as a servant but as if a close friend and associate. Oneday Our Lady (SWT) used to do the chores of the house and the next day Lady Fizza (The Maid of Her Holiness Lady Fatimah SWT) used to do the work. Hence the system was of taking turns at doing the work of the House. This system adopted by Her Holiness (SWT) made Lady Fizza feel like a part of the House and not as a servant. Actually this was a true example of the House of the Prophet (SAWS) system of equality.

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Fatimah (SWT) and The Islamic Dress 
Our Lady Fatimah (SWT) has explained clearly the acme of the Women. These acmes are staying indoors and obeserving the Islamic Dress. The Islamic dress code of wearing a veil and wearing such a dress which protects a women's honour and beauty from the gaze of male strangers. Today we see that by not observing the Islamic dress code muslim women open themselves to the lust of many unscruplous men. 

Time has revealed to us that the Ahlul Bait (A.S) (House of the Prophet SAWS) has always tried to protect the humans especially the muslims from disasters caused by the people's own wrong doings. 

The Holy Lady (A.S) who was well aware of these Islamic principles practiced these Islamic fundmentals most strongly. Her Holiness stayed indoors, wore a veil and maintained utmost privacy. In Her Holiness's house was a door which opened into the mosque of the Holy prophet (SAWS). Despite having this facility Her Holiness never joined congregational prayers behind the Holy Prophet (SAWS) inside the courtyard of the mosque. When the Holy Prophet (SAWS) used to give advice or lectures in the courtyard of the Mosque of the Prophet (SAWS) , Our Lady (SWT) still never came into the courtyard of the Mosque. Once it happened that His Holiness The Prophet (SAWS) put a question to His Holiness companions who were present in the courtyard of the mosque. The Question was as follows: 

"What is the best thing for a woman?" 
When Our Lady Fatimah (SWT) was infromed of this question . Her Holiness replied that the best thing for a women is that her glance never falls on a male stranger and the glance of a male stranger does not fall on her 

When this answer reached The Holy Prophet (SAWS), His Holiness was rejoiced and said: 

"----Fatimah (SWT) is a part of me (His Holiness The Prophet of Islam (SAWS)". 
Ibn Al-Maghazili mentions in his book Manaqib that (His Holiness) Ali ibn Al-Hussain ibn Ali (A.S) said: 

"Once a blind man asked for permission to enter Fatima's (Her Holiness) house
but she kept a veil between them. The Messenger of Allah (SAWS) noticed her
(Our Lady Fatimah (SWT)) actions and asked:
`Why did you (Her Holiness(SWT)) keep a veil between you (Her Holiness (SWT))
when he cannot see you?"
Her Holiness Fatimah (SWT) answered :` Messanger of Allah, it is true that
he cannot see me (Her Holiness (SWT)), but I (Her Holiness (SWT)) can see
him and he can smell my (Her Holiness (SWT)) fragrance.'
At this, the Prophet (SAWS) said : "I bear witness that you are part of me".
(Book `Fatimah the Gracious' Pg 187)

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Death of the Holy Lady (sa)
After the death of Holy Prophet (saw), people disobeyed the will and advices of Holy Prophet (saw). They collected themselves and elected a caliph amongst them inspite of explicit announcement of Imam Ali's (as) vicegrency by Holy Prophet (saw) duing his last Hajj. People came to Bibi Fatima's house to forcefully take oath from Imam Ali (as). When she denied from behind the door, people who wanted the oath pushed the door such that it fell on the Holy Lady Fatima (saw) and then crossed over the door, while the Holy Lady was below the door. The door also had a nail which pierced the Holy lady's body. The child in her womb died because of this atrocious incident. The caliph of that time snatched the land of Fadak which Holy Prophet (saw) gifted in His life. People closed their doors on the Holy households of Prophet (saw). All such events made Bibi Fatima (saw) weaker day by day and she passed aways within an year after the death of her father.



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