Tuesday 30th of May 2023
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The Muslims in Scotland refuse redefining marriage

n a breaking news, the leaders of the Muslim community in Scotland warned the government from proceeding with the project it has recently proposed to redefine the term marriage to include homosexuals in the new definition of marriage, and they threatened that the government will lose the votes of the Muslims in any coming election.

The government, led by the Scottish National Party, had held a consultation last Friday to discuss this issue; however, it was closed last Friday after receiving thousands of opposing response.

The Muslim Council of Scotland had issued serious warnings on Wednesday 14/12/2011 that this issue will drive many Muslims to stop supporting the Party.

According to “The Christian Institute website”, the Council’s Secretary General, Salah Beltagui, said that the Muslims’ support to the Scottish National Party was strong, but if the Party proceeds with the project, many things will change.

He added: Our community members as a whole are all of the opinion that the family should not be changed in definition. A family is a man and a woman and children. “It is important that the children have a family around them and know who their father and mother are.” 

On their part, the Scottish Episcopal Church and the Roman Catholic Church have refused the government’s proposal to redefine marriage, and over seventy leaders from the Angelical Church, who represent around 20 thousand Christians in Scotland, signed an open letter in opposition to this inclination. Moreover, strong rejection was also the stand of parties not related to the religious institutions, for a group which called itself “Scotland For Marriage” launched a campaign last month in support of the current traditional definition of marriage.

It is worth mentioning that the official census reveal that the number of Muslims in Scotland exceed 40 thousand people of one and a half million Muslims residing in Britain.

These new proposals are in no way related to the innate nature of man, for Allah created mankind from a man and a woman, and He called on people to go on in their lives naturally by the natural mating between a male and a female, to fill the earth with people, enrich the reality and fulfill the needs in a natural way that is consistent with the human innate nature and does not create crisis and complications in the reality.

In a related context, His Eminence, the late Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah (ra), said: “Marriage is a contractual formula between the man and the woman which results in a marital relation that is governed by a system of religions and legal rights and obligations which differ according to every religion and every law. This contractual formula gives the man a sexual right in the woman’s body and vice-versa, making a social entity in which the man and the woman live under the same roof, enabling them to give birth to children and forming a family; thus, satiating the instinct of fatherhood and motherhood in both of them.

Since the sexual instinct and the instinct of parenthood are inherent instincts in the man and the woman, satiating them creates a feeling of integration in them, which enriches their personalities and lives and makes the progeny continue to exist.

source : http://abna.ir
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