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Hazrat Fatimah’s supplication after the Maghrib (sunset) Prayer


hazrat fatimah (a.s)

“Praise be to Allah Who sayers cannot come at His praise, and praise be to Allah Who counters cannot count His bounties, and praise be to Allah Who strivers cannot perform what He deserves.

There is no god but Allah, the First and the Last, and there is no god but Allah the Apparent and the Hidden, and there is no god but Allah the Giver of life and the Maker of death.

Allah is Most Great of Might, and Allah is Most Great of Everlastingness.

Praise be to Allah Who knowers cannot come at His knowledge nor do the ignorant disparage His patience, nor can praisers come at His praise, nor can depicters depict His features, nor can creatures well describe Him.

Praise be to Allah, the Possessor of Dominion and Kingdom, of Might and Invincibility, of Honor and Glory, of Majesty and Magnificence, of Dignity and Beauty, of Power and Might, of Might and Strength, of Bounty and Dominance, of Favor and Influence, of Justice and Truth, of Creation and Exaltedness, of Sublimity and Grandeur, of Virtue and Wisdom, of Richness and Generosity, of Giving and Preventing, of Patience and Knowledge, of Irrefutable Argument, Ample Bounty, good, beautiful praise, gracious blessings, the King of the Life and the Afterlife, of the Paradise and the Fire and what there is in them, was He blessed and exalted.

Praise be to Allah Who knows the secrets of the unseen, and is aware of what hearts earn. There is no escape or runaway from Him.


Praise be to Allah the Lofty in His dominion, the Glorious in His place, the Predominant in His Kingdom, the Powerful in His seizing, the High above His Throne, the Aware of His creation, the Doer of whatever He wills by His knowledge. Praise be to Allah by Whose words the firmamental heavens have been erected, the plain earths have been fixed, the firm mountains have been set upright, the pollinating winds have been blown, the clouds have moved in the sphere of the sky, the seas have restrained at their boundaries, the hearts have been afraid of Him, and lords have submitted to his deity. Blessed You are, O the Counter of rain drops and tree leaves, and the Reviver of dead bodies for Resurrection.

Glory be to You the Lord of Glory and Honor for whatever You do to the poor stranger when he comes to You resorting, calling for help, and for whatever You do to him who lodges in Your yard, looks forward to Your content, and resorts to You, and he kneels before You complaining to You of what is not unknown to You. O my Lord, let my chance in my supplication not be deprivation, and my share in what I hope from You not be disappointment!

O You Who had existed, is existing, and will exist as He has still been over every soul with what it has earned. O You Who has made the days of life to elapse, its months to change, and its years to turn while You are Everlasting that neither do times wear You out, nor do ages change You.

O You Whom each day with You is new and each sustenance with You is ready for the weak, the strong, and the severe. You have divided sustenance between the creatures and equaled the ant with the sparrow.

O Allah, if residing narrows to people, we seek Your protection from the narrowness of residence. O Allah, if the Day of Resurrection is prolonged to criminals, shorten that day to us as (the period) between a prayer and another. O Allah, if the sun becomes close to the skulls and there is between it and the skulls a measure of one mile and its heat is increased to the heat of ten years, we ask You to shade us with clouds, and erect for us pulpits and chairs to sit on and people get free in the place, Amen O the Lord of the Worlds.

I ask You, O Allah, by these praises to forgive me, pardon me, dress me with hale in my body, and safety in my religion.

I ask You and I am sure of Your response to my request, and I call upon You and I know of Your listening to my call, so listen to my supplication and do not end my hope, do not repel my praising, and do not disappoint my supplication. I am in need of Your content and I am poor to Your forgiving. I ask You and I am not desperate of Your mercy, and I call upon You and I am not safe from Your wrath.

O my Lord, respond to me and favor me with Your pardon, and make me die while I am Muslim, and join me to the righteous. O my Lord, do not prevent Your favor from reaching me O All Gracious, and do not entrust me to my self forlornly, O All Compassionate.

O my Lord, extend mercy, at the separation of lovers, to my dying, and at the quiet of the grave to my loneliness, and at the wild of (the day of) Resurrection to my forlornness, and before You standing for reckoning to my destitution.

O my Lord, I ask You to rescue me from Fire, so rescue me! O my Lord, I seek Your protection from Fire, so protect me! O my Lord, I resort to You from Fire, so take me away (from it)! O my Lord, I seek Your mercy out of my distress, so have mercy on me! O my Lord, I ask You to forgive me what I have been ignorant of, so forgive me! O my Lord, supplication has taken me forth for the need to You, so do not disappoint me, O You the Generous One of favors, charity, and pardoning!

O my Lord, Beneficent, Merciful, respond to my call from among the suppliants to You, and pity, from among the weepers, my tear, and make in the meeting with You, on the day when I leave this world, my relief, and cover among the dead, O the Great Hoped One, my defect, and pity me at the going alone to my hole (grave), You are my hope, the place of need, and the Knower of what I want in directing my request.

hazrat fatimah (a.s)

O the Provider of needs, provide my need! To You is the complaint and You are the Helper and the Hoped One. I escape to You from sins, so receive me, and I resort from Your justice to Your forgiveness, so apprehend me, and I resort to Your pardon from Your punishment, so protect me, and I hope Your mercy against Your punition, so save me, and I want the closeness to You by Islam, so approach me (to You), and from the great horror keep me safe, and in the shadow of Your Throne shade me, and two portions of Your mercy grant to me, and from this world safe protect me, and from darkness to light take me out, and on the Day of Resurrection honor me and with easy reckoning reckon with me, and do not expose me with my hidden defects, and against Your trials make me patient, and as You had kept impurity and unchastity away from Yousuf (Joseph), keep it away from me, and whatever I cannot bear do not burden me with, and to the Abode of Peace guide me, and by the Qur'an benefit me, and by the true saying fix me, and from the cursed Satan save me, and by Your power, might, and dominance protect me, and by Your patience, knowledge, and vast mercy deliver me, and in Your Garden of Paradise house me, and with the looking at Your face endow me, and to Your prophet Muhammad join me, and from devils, their followers, and from the evil of every evildoer rescue me!

O Allah, and my enemies and whoever intends evil against me if they come by land, coward their brave, scatter their gathering, blunt their weapons, hamstring their mounts, afflict them with storms and thunderbolts forever until You put them into Fire, degrade them from their forts, and make us dominate over them, Amen O the Lord of the Worlds.

O Allah, bless Muhammad and the progeny of Muhammad with a blessing with which bear witness the first ones of the righteous, the master of the messengers, the last of the prophets, the leader of good, and the key of mercy.

O Allah, the Lord of the Inviolable House and the inviolable month, the Lord of the Sacred Monument, the Lord of the Pillar and the Temple (of Abraham), and the Lord of consecration and the breaking of consecration, send to the soul of Muhammad from us the greeting and peace.

Peace be on you O messenger of Allah. Peace be on you O the trustee of Allah. Peace be on You O Muhammad son of Abdullah. Peace be on you and Allah’s mercy and blessings. He is, as You have described him, to the believers most kind and merciful.

O Allah, give him (Muhammad) the best of what he has asked You for, and the best of what You have been prayed for him, and the best of what is prayed for him until the Day of Resurrection, Amen O the Lord of the Worlds.”

source : http://www.tebyan.net
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