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God’s generosity and kindness

About God’s generosity and kindness, there is detailed discussion which have done by researchers, holy Quran interpreter, philosophers, Islamic leaders and theosophist who have acquired their gnosis from God’s messengers and diviner’s leaders like: Sadro-al-Motaheleen, Hajy Sabzevary, Mola Ali Zanuzy, Akhond Mola Ali Noory, Alame Tabatabaee, those shiny and splendorous faces with that luminous heart and familiar with holy Quran and its knowledge, have mentioned that and have described some important points about the relationship between God’s generosity and kindness.

The result of all these excellent experts’ discussion is that God’s generosity’s signs and indications are apparent in the universe and it refers to all creatures’ possession. God’s generosity is obvious in all creatures and they use it in order to their survival and to provide their needs. The thing which has been put in human’s entity as a creature of world, it means in his material entity, is God’s generosity. There isn’t any condition to using it. Its condition is just being. This being can be in any quality. Maybe this being be like Qaroon, or pharahonic, and maybe this being’s quality be like infidelic, or to keeping partnership for God. Possibly this being’s quality would be like Abraham’s (God bless him) entity, or Godly spirits. It doesn’t make any difference for God. He has spread a tablecloth and has put all his blessings in it. It is sign of his generosity and he has allowed all creatures to use from this tablecloth when they are alive. There is a line of poem about it:

The earth’s blessing is his general tablecloth / whether enemies sit on this tablecloth or friends[1]

He doesn’t say because you are Qaroon, I intercept your water and food; he says the water and food aren’t anything in my possessions that now because you become Qaroon or Pharaoh or Namrood, I deprive you from my blessings. About twenty five years Musa (God bless him) preached Pharaoh. When he saw that Pharaoh doesn’t want to accept his preaching, said “oh God he doesn’t want to accept my invitation. So send your torment on him.” God that used to spoke with Musa friendly said “you give me a plan to torturing him.” Musa (God bless him) said “stop his water and food.” God said “it’s impossible in my laws. I’m generous and benevolent. Giving water and food is in my nature. Are you telling me to stop my Godly work? It is impossible. He is free to sit beside this tablecloth and eats whatever he wants, dress whatever he wants and take whatever he wants until his moment of death arrives.” These aren’t anything. Because God’s generosity doesn’t need any condition or hasn’t any limitation; but when kindness of God rises, it has some moral conditions for man to utilize it. It isn’t free for man to utilize it and also without any mediator it will not reaches to man.

The source of God’s kindness, exhaustive man

The source of God’s kindness and affection, and his grace and mercifulness is exhaustive man. We haven’t any work to previous history. The past people came and went. Now that we are alive in world should know a transferring passage to receive God’s kindness, his affection, his grace and mercifulness. The holy Quran and quotations have clearly expressed that this transferring passage is Ahle Beyt (God bless them). It means that except Ahle Beyt (God bless them) there isn’t any possible passage to receive God’s kindness and his mercifulness. The source of God’s kindness and mercifulness are Ahle Beyt (God bless them). They are receiver and distributor of God’s kindness and mercifulness. The Ahle Beyt (God bless them) receive God’s kindness and distribute it. Swear to God that it’s impossible to receive God’s kindness and mercifulness except to have connection with Ahle Beyt (God bless them) basing on some special moral conditions.


Refrence: adopted from a lecture given by Professor Ansarian



[1] Bustan-e-Sadi

source : adopted from a lecture given by Professor Ansarian
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