Sunday 10th of December 2023
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Hamas urges renewing martyr ops on Israel

Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas called on Monday to renew martyr attacks on 'Israel' in response to Israeli police attacks on Muslims prayers at al-aqsa Mosque in the old city of al-Quds.

Ahmed Abu Halabeya, a Gaza-based Hamas leader and a lawmaker in the parliament (PLC) told a news conference that Palestinian fighters are urged "to carry out holly attacks into the Zionist enemy's depth."

"Armed resistance should hurry up to do their best and use all holy means of resistance and Jihad operations in Quds and into the Zionist enemy's depth," said Abu Halabeya.

On Sunday, 30 Palestinians injured in clashes with Israeli police in front of al-aqsa Mosque in protest against a fanatic Zionist group's attempt to enter into the mosque's yard.

"The Palestinian people are asked first to end their current split and then unify their efforts towards resisting the Zionist occupation and force it to withdraw from our occupied territories, " said Abu Halabeya.

He also called on President Mahmoud Abbas "to stop the absurd talk with the Zionist enemy," adding that the Arab League and the Islamic Conference "are urged to convene and make decisions to protect al-aqsa Mosque."

"I call on Arabs and Muslims all over the world to sever their diplomatic ties with the Zionist occupation in response to their attacks on the first shrine of Moslems," said Abu Halabeya. 

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