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Crying for Fear of Allah

Crying for Fear of Allah

Imam ‘Ali Naqi (as) narrates that Prophet Musa (as) asked Allah, "O Allah! What is the reward for one whose eyes shed tears with Your fear?" The reply was, "O Musa (as)! I shall save his face from the heat of the Hellfire and prevent him from the hardship of the Hereafter!"
The Prophet of Islam (S) said, "One whose eyes water with the fear of Allah, in return for every drop of his tears Allah will give him a palace in the Heaven. The palace will be decorated with pearls and precious stones."
Imam Ja'far As-Sadiq (as) said: If the sins create such a distance between the sinner and the Heaven that will be equivalent to the distance between the Firmament and the Taht as sara, the person will grieve and cry that the Heaven comes close to him as the eye is to the eye-lashes! The people who cry over their sins with Allah\'s fear in the world, will be happy with Allah's Mercies on the Day of Judgement. Everything has a weight and measure. But a single drop of tear of compunction can cool the fire of many rivers of fire in the Hell. The face that carries the tears of remorse over the sins committed, Allah will make the Hellfire Haram on him. A people who have even one person who grieves and mourns, Allah will have His Mercy on the entire community!
Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir (as) said, "The tears that flow with Allah's fear on the cheeks in the darkness of night, are more pleasing to Allah than anything else."
Imam Ja'far As-Sadiq (as) has said, "On the Day of Judgement all the eyes will be crying excepting of three persons. One of them who closed his eyes to the things that have been pronounced as Haram by Allah. Another is the person whose eyes remained open in obedience to Allah. The third person is that whose eyes shed tears with fear of Allah in the nights."
Ishaq bin Ammar narrates that he told to Imam Ja'far As-Sadiq (as): O Imam (as)! I want to cry but tears don't come out! Many a time I try to remember the dead of my kith and kin thinking that it might give vent to my tears. Is it legitimate to do this? The Imam (as) said, "It is legitimate! But when you start crying get busy remembering Allah!" The Imam (as) said at another occasion, "If you are unable to cry, put your thoughts on it! Even if you get a tear as small as a fly, it will be good for you!"
Imam Ja'far As-Sadiq (as) said once, "When you have any fear or you have a wish to make, then first praise Allah. Then call for peace on the Prophet (S) and his Ahl al-Bayt (as). Then submit to Allah for His Mercies! Man will be closest to Allah when he has his head in the prostration of prayer and is crying for His Help."
The Prophet of Islam (S) has said: O Abu Dharr! Seven persons will be such that Allah will give them place in His Firmament on the Day of Judgement. They will be:
• The Just Imam (Imam al-Adil)
• The truthful youth.
• The person who does charity hidden from others.
• One who remembers Allah in seclusion.
• One who makes friends with Mu'mins to please Allah.
• One who emerges from the Mosque thinking that he would return to it again.
• One whom a beautiful woman tries to entice, but he says with Allah's Fear that he is afraid and fearful.
O Abu Dharr! Allah said, ‘I shall not have two fears with my creatures at the same time. One who fears me in the World, I shall have him fearless in the Hereafter. The one who is not afraid of Me in the world, I shall frighten him on the Day of Judgement!'

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