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Foundation anniversary of the Islamic propagation Organization by Imam Khomeini's orde

Imam Khomeini (Rh):“The term propagation is so important issue that one could say th
Foundation anniversary of the Islamic propagation Organization by Imam Khomeini's orde

Imam Khomeini (Rh):“The term propagation is so important issue that one could say the world is propagation governed.

One should note that the most effective device which can help the revolution achieve its fruitful goals and expand it all across the world is propagation, the correct one. In this case one should not exaggerate. We possess what does not need any exaggeration. You should introduce Islam to the world as it is really, through the correct form of propagation…. You should propagate for God’s satisfaction and this is a matter of high importance. The propagation is as harmful to the arrogant and cruel people as it is suitable to the benefit of the oppressed and the needy. …. The usage of propagation as a tool is much more effective than the usage of arms in the battle field….”

After the victory of the Islamic Revolution, on June 21, 1981 the IPO's higher council came to existence as an independent organization under the control of the Late Imam Khomeini. The aim behind this was dealing with the issue of propagation: The propagation with the public and religious nature, organizing and guiding the groups of true believers and the public organizations and establishing communications with the expansion of the Islamic sciences and the culture and the history of Shi’sm, illuminating the public opinions at the time of confronting with the vicious propagation of the enemies’ cultural invasion, meeting the cultural needs of the social classes specially the young generation , compiling and publishing the appropriate pamphlets and books for introducing the sciences and cultures of the Islamic civilization and determining the positions of the Islamic revolution, organizing and sending the religious missionaries inside and out,  originated from the context of the revolution.

 And it was developed during the crucial moments of the path of events of the recent years which were full of crisis, plots and threats and the various attacks on behalf of the Islam’s enemies directed at the omission of the revolution and the pure version of the Islamic religion which was endorsed by the Holy Prophet (SW). The great Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei states:

" We believe that this group which today have  gathered together as the Islamic Propagation Organization is the most important and the most outstanding group ever existed during the history of our propagation.

 You should show the shining appearance of Islam to the world for; if such an appearance is emerged with such a beautiful face mentioned in Quran and the traditions regarding every dimension, and if it can be emerged from the mask of the opponents of Islam as well as the misunderstanding of the [so- called] proponents, Islam will become universal.”

The cultural growth and development are in terms of the extent to which a given culture escapes from the fences, limitations and the geographical boundaries. Each school of thought or ideology can possess more power and

enriched history so that it could be used to establish communication with more nations and the people of the other human communities, although nowadays, one cannot estimate the truthfulness of the schools of thoughts and the cultures according to their geographical areas and their presence among the different nations and tribes. Each ideology and school of thought which has no such turning point for establishing communication will surely be devastated at the time of confronting with the alien cultures in a gradual pace.

 Therefore; the term propagation and transferring messages is a part of the Prophets’ mission as well as their true believers which turned out to be a necessary and unavoidable principle so that the shining torch of guidance could be illuminated in the human societies and the final objective of creation would be achieved. The propagation means a series of activities such as speech, written, behavioral and pictorial cases, organized for affecting and influencing on the personalities, thoughts, ideas and feelings of the addressees and gains its real identity along with directing them toward the specific and predetermined aim and destination.

Propagation in the Islamic culture and ideology has a high and specific status. The late Imam Khomeini had considered propagation as a very important principle of Islam. These crucial principles are in fact nothing but revealing the goodness as well as encouraging and informing people to do this goodness and also informing them about the badness and cruelties as well as showing the way out of it to people.

source : tebyan
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