Saturday 1st of April 2023
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Facilitator of Shia-Genocide in D.I.Khan arrested from Zohb, DPO DI Khan

Facilitator of Shia-Genocide in D.I.Khan arrested from Zohb, DPO DI Khan

District Police officer Lieutenant (retd) Yasir Afridi vows that Police would arrest the culprits involved in the killings of Shia professionals soon saying that Counter Terrorism Department (CDT) has registered the FIR's after complaints from the victims families against unidentified culprits.

He added that one group was involved in these killings of four Shia professional's and the Shia-killings witnessed in last month at D I Khan.

He claimed that Police has detained the facilitator of Shia-Genocide incident from Zhob Balochistan facilitating the terrorists involved in the shiite Muslim killings in D.I.Khan adding that the recent killings of four shiite professionals on Thursday was the reaction of this arrest.

He said the issue of security would be taken up with the K-P government and 300 CCTV cameras would be installed in D.I.Khan to avoid these kind of tragic incidents.

source : shiitenews.org
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