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Martyrdom of Great Ali (A.S.)

Martyrdom of Great Ali (A.S.)

O the great Ali (A.S.), the marvelous Ali (A.S.)
The powerful Ali (A.S.), the miraculous Ali (A.S.)
Yo're life of Prophet, life of Islam
Yo're life of Shariah, life of Qur'an
Your devotion saved Prophet and Islam
It saved Shariah it saved Qur'an
You slept on bed of Prophet Muhammad
In circle of swords in shadow of death
Submitting your life and soul to Allah
You slept soundly haveing faith in Allah
Allah admired your pure high self
It was valuable He bought your self
And gave His pleasure to you O Ali (A.S.)
No one in the world has achieved such rank
Thus you are unique and next to Muhammad
You are possessor of pleasure of Allah
With whom you're pleased Allah is pleased
If you are displeased Allah is displeased
Allah gave power to you on Qiyamat
You are distributer of men to heaven, hell
On 19th of Ramazan you bowed your head
In shadow of the sword you bowed to Allah
Submittin your self to Allah, prayed namaz
And after the rukoo, your marvelous sajda
The killer came close ignoring Allah's justice
He raised his sword and struck on your head
Head was deeply wounded, the blood flowed from wound,
Alas my Imam, you became martyr
On your pure lips were words of faith
"I became sussful, by Lord of Ka'ba"
And you thanked Allah, your head was bleeding
YOu were so great, O Allah's vicegerent
The killer was brougth the hands were died
You freed his hands O merciful Imam
And you were kind to him O wonderful Imam
You also offered milk who had shed your blood
O great patient Imam, came home full of blood
Your eyes saw the vision, of future of the children
Poisoned patient Hasan throwing up the blood
The arrows being shot at bier of Hasan
Looking at Husain you saw him fully wonded
drenched in blood from head to the toe
You saw him beheaded with sword on thirsty neck
His head on spear and body being trample
Abbas, brave son flag bearer of Islam
With severed arms blood flowing from shoulders
Was getting very restless, with empty water skin
With blood and tears flowing from his eyes
Zainab and Umme Kuloom and all holy ladies
Without veil, bear headed, with hands tied with rope
Abid tied in chains and neck in thorny 'taoq'
And lashed on the back, the back full of blood
Seeing these future miseries of the children
Tears flowed from your eyes, O patient great Imam!
The pain on your heart, the pain in your head
Which had deep wound but you thanked Allah
The sword was immersed in poison by the killer
With that poisoned sword he had attacked you
The poisoned had spread in all your body
Alas! that sword took your precious life
Jibreel was crying Meekaael was crying
The angels were crying the hoories were crying
All Prophets were crying all souls were crying
The earth was crying the skies were crying
suffering for two days you passed away from world
Zainab and Umme Kulsoom all Itrat mourned for you
Hasan and Husain gave bath, shrouded body
Angels carried bier, Hasanain carried bier
They brought to the place of burial of Imam
They dug the grave a slab was found
On allah's order, Prophet Nooh had written
This is the grave of great Imam Ali
They buried great Ali son of Abu Talib
embodment of light stayed as light
Even now from grave shines great Imam's light
He solves people's problems he is MUSHKIL KUSHA
Generous great Imam you are immortal
your great memory forever is alive
in hearts of all orphans as bread provider
In hears of all beggers as reliever of poor
Kalma is yourgift to all the Muslims
Namaz is your gift to all the Muslims
Shariah is your gift to all the Muslims
If you had not saved it, Islam would be dead
the faith would be dead the practice would be dead
Your favor is on all mankind of the world
You are for ever the ligth of guidance!

Composed by: Saleha Fatima Midhat, Toronto , Toronto , ON , Canada .

source : rafed.net
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