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Spending life wisely

Spending life wisely

Human beings need Knowledge, science, wisdom and insight so as to spend their life wisely and in a right way. They must know and be aware that when, how and in what way they should spend the wealth of life.

Allah Almighty has insisted on the issues of Knowledge, wisdom and insight in the holy Qur,an, as well as the traditions of the holy Prophet PBUH and the infallible Imams and even realization and understanding of the holy Quran is related to People of Knowledge and Knowing. The wise people, the scholars, and the experts know this book in depth.

وَ ما يَعْقِلُها إِلَّا الْعالِمُونَ

But only the learned ones understand them.

All the prophets in the Holy Qur,an are called the insightful, knowledgeable and wise people by Allah Almighty.

The Commander of the Faithful has categorized the people of the society into three groups:

The first group are the wise and knowledgeable people, the second group are those who interact with the wise ones in order to learn the way of life from them and these two groups are the of people of salvation.

But the third group are those who are devoid of wisdom, science and knowledge and they have no relationship with wise and scholars and they live in ignorance so the door of salvation and felicity are closed before them.

source : erfan.ir
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