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The divine gifts and man’s responsibility

The divine gifts and man’s responsibility

“Therefore eat of what Allah has given you, lawful and good (things), and give thanks for Allah's favor if Him do you serve.” Qur’an 16:114

Allah the Almighty, with His mercy, love and care grants us many talents and makes us fit for them. Among all the creatures, even the close angels, no others are fit, able and ready to get these talents.

The favors Allah bestows on us throughout life, if used according to the Divine instructions, will bring us to material and moral perfection and will ensure happiness in this life and in the afterlife.

The Holy Qur'an draws our attention to the Divine gifts and talents, which the following topics will help us explore:

  1. The abundance and capacity of blessings and talents
  2. The way of getting blessings
  3. Aiming at blessings
  4. Being grateful for blessings
  5. Warnings of being ungrateful for blessings
  6. Infiniteness of blessings
  7. Those grateful for blessings
  8. Badness of wasting blessings
  9. Stinginess and not spending blessings
  10. Disappearance of blessings
  11. The completing of blessings
  12. The reward of the permissible spending of blessings

As we explore the following twelve topics, it will be essential to pay attention to the Qur’anic verses; there  we will discover high and divine concepts and topics


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