Thursday 28th of September 2023
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Pakistan condemns Tehran's terrorist attacks

The Government of Pakistan has strongly condemned today’s terrorist attacks on Iranian Parliament and mausoleum of Imam Khomeini in which, reportedly, precious lives of innocent people have been lost. We stand in solidarity with the people of Iran in their hour of grief," reads the statement by Pakistan Foreign Ministry.

The message continues "we offer our deep condolences to the people of Iran, the Government, and the bereaved families and pray for the speedy recovery of those injured."

"Pakistan condemns terrorism, which is a global phenomenon and common challenge, requiring resolute and coordinated approach to deal with the menace," concludes the statement calling for collective action against terrorism.

A group of armed men attacked the Iranian Parliament and Imam Khomeini shrine in Tehran on Wednesday morning. 12 people were killed during the attacksa and the total number of injured has increased to 37. ISIS has claimed the responsibility.

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