Thursday 28th of September 2023
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Bekson and Bexton embraced Islam in Mumbai, says father

Bekson and Bexton embraced Islam in Mumbai, says father

Vincent, father of Bekson Vincent aka Yahya and Bexton Vincent alias Eesa said it was in Mumbai that his children had taken Muslim names after embracing Islam. Even though Vincent initially said a Mumbai-based Muslim preacher had been instrumental in getting the siblings to convert to Islam, he later retracted this saying his son-in-law told him that this was not the case. According to him, it was Bekson (Yahya), the elder of the two siblings, who first converted to Islam and his younger son, Bexton had followed suit. Vincent also said that Yahya and Eesa constantly received messages on their mobile phone and some unidentified persons used to call on the duo at the family’s Yakkara residence.

Moreover, it was revealed that Yahya and Eesa used to visit a certain place in Mudappalloor regularly and attend religious classes there. Further, Vincent, who disclosed that Yahya had also worked in an international school in Kasaragod, said he had given seed capital to Yahya to set up business after disposing of some of his property.

Additionally, DySP M.K.Zulfiqar visited the house of Vincent in Yakkara and recorded the statements of the family members in the light of the Palakkad South police registering a missing person complaint in connection with the disappearance of Yahya and Easa.

source : hawzahnews
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Bekson and Bexton embraced Islam in Mumbai, says father

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