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Miracle of Imam Jafar Sadiq (A.S)

Miracle of Imam Jafar Sadiq (A.S)

It has been narrated to us by Al-Hassan Bin Ahmad, from Salmat, from Al-Husayn Bin Ali, from Ibn Jabalat, from Abdullah Bin Sinan who said:

Abu Abdullah (A.S) asked: The fountain which is between Basra up to Sana’a, would you like to see it?

I said: Yes, may I be sacrificed for you.

He (A.S) took me by my hand, to the outskirts of Medina. Then he struck the ground with his foot. I saw a river flowing whose banks could not be distinguished except for the place which I was standing in, for it was like an island. I and Imam (A.S) were on it. We saw a river on the side of which was of water whiter than snow and on the side of that was a river of milk whiter than snow and in the midst of it was a river of wine better than sapphire. I had not seen anything more beautiful than the wine which was between the milk and the water.

I said to him: May I be sacrificed for you, from where do these fountains flow from and what are its course?

He (A.S) said: These fountains are the ones mentioned by Allah (S.W.T) in His Book as being rivers in the Paradise, the fountain of water, fountain of milk and fountain of wine flowing in this river. I also saw on its river banks some trees, in which were Houries with dangling hair. I had not seen anything more beautiful than them, and in their hands were utensils more beautiful than which I had never seen before, and these were not utensils from the world.

He (A.S) gestured by his hand to someone to quench his thirst. I looked at her, and she leaned to scoop the water from the river. The tree leaned with her. She scooped the water and presented it to him. He drank. He gestured with his hand to fetch more water. She leaned forward to scoop it and the tree leaned with her. Then she presented it to me. I drank from it. I had not seen a drink softer than it, and its aroma was the aroma of the musk.

I looked in the cup and in it were three kinds of drinks. I said to him, May I be sacrificed for you, I have not seen a day like this at all, and I never thought that a matter like this can happen.

He (A.S) said to me: This is only a little of what Allah has promised for our Shiites. When a believer passes away, his spirit comes to this river and dwells in its gardens and drinks from its drinks. When our enemy dies his spirit goes to the valley of Barhoot and gets indulged in its punishments and gets fed from its Zaqqoom trees and gets quenched from its Hameem. You should seek refuge in Allah (S.W.T) from that valley.

Source: Basaair  Al - Darajaat, Vol 8, Chapter 13, Hadees 3

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