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Hadith Ghadir

Hadith Ghadir

The Prophet of Islam upon returning from the farewell pilgrimage stopped in Ghadir Khumm, assembled the Muslims and, after delivering a sermon, chose 'All as the leader and guide of Muslims.

Bara' says: "I was in the company of the Prophet during the farewell pilgrimage. When we reached Ghadir Khumm, he ordered that place to be cleaned. Then he took 'All's hand and placed him on his right side. Then he said, 'Am I the authority whom you obey?' They answered, 'We obey your directions.' Then he said, Tor whomever I am his master (mawla) and the authority whom he obeys, 'All will be his master. Oh God! Be friendly with the friends of 'Ali and enemy of the enemies of Then 'Umar ibn al-Al-Khattab said to 'All, 'May this position be pleasing to you for now you are my master and the master of all the believes.'" 1
1 Al-Bidayah wal-Nihayah, vol. V, pp. 208 and vol. VII, pp. 346; Dhakha'ir al-'Uqba, pp. 67; al-Fusul al-Muhimmah of Ibn Sabbagh, Najaf, 1950, vol. II, pp. 23; Khasa'is of Nasa'i, Najaf, 1369, pp. 31. In his Ghayat al-Maram, pp. 79, Bahrani has cited eighty nine different chains of transmission for this hadith from Sunni sources and forty three from Shiite sources.

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