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Professor Ansarian: Don’t breastfeed your babies by women other than their own mothers.

Professor Ansarian: Don’t breastfeed your babies by women other than their own mothers.

Professor Ansarian emphasized on the fact that women themselves must breastfeed their babies. He also added: do not let other women breastfeed your babies, and also avoid formula feeding. The significance of mother’s milk in the holy Quran is not yet cleared for the people. the mother who is infallible in position and degree, the mother who is intellectually perfect, the mother who is the paragon of worshipers, the mother who is unique in sincerity, the mother who is always remembering Allah Almighty, the mother whose purpose is to bring up his child so that he becomes a complete source of goodness in the future, she even feeds him having this intention in her mind, and finally her child became the greatest of all great ones in the whole universe, his personality has filled the universe from earth to heavens.

Professor Ansarian said: In Karbala, Imam Hussein (AS) said to Umar ibn Sa'ad: you are asking me to swear allegiance to you, do you not know that my perfect mother doesn’t let us to pledge allegiance to you. As you know, the whole universe knows Imam Hussein (peace be upon him). Do you know that the pebbles, trees, plains, deserts and mountains, know Imam Hussein (peace be upon him)? His son, Imam Sajjad (peace be upon him) said to people in Shaam town: you killed the one that the fishes of the seas have cried for him, that means the fishes of the seas know him. The heavens have cried for him, the earth has cried for him, the trees have cried for him, the wild animals of the deserts have cried for him, the angels have cried for him and even the people of the paradise have cried for him.

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