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Hazrat Muhsin

The messenger of Allah (S) had named him al-Muhsin while he was yet in his mother’s womb. When the people (Umar and his companions) attacked Fatimah’s house to set fire to it, Fatimah (s.a.) was terrified and she resisted them. They attacked her severely while she was behind the door, and consequently, she miscarried her child al-Muhsin between the door and the wall. This is one of the completely certain facts. Whoever thinks deeply of the events of that age, these facts shall be clear to them. People competed and pounced on authority and they seized it from the Ahlul Bayt (a.s.) who were the center of the revelation and the Qur’an. No limit or obstacle, whatever great it was, prevented them from that, for their pre-Islamic feud had come back to them as Prof. Abdul Fattah Abdul Maqsud says in his book “Imam Ali”.
However, the attack of people against Fatimah’s house and making her miscarry her child al-Muhsin, had paved the way and opened the door for the Umayyads to seize the rule, and then they spared no effort and followed every horrible way to persecute and kill the pure progeny of the Prophet (S). We shall explain in details in a following chapter what Fatimah, the Prophet’s daughter, (a.s.) suffered.

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