Thursday 30th of March 2023
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God Tidings for the Friends of Ahle Bayt (a.s.)

By: Ayatullah Shaheed Sayyid Abdul Husain Dastghaib
Wa Ayaab…Alaikum
It is mentioned by Shaykh Mufeed (r.a.) through consecutive evidences in Bihaar-ul-Anwaar vol. 3 that Imam Sadiq (a.s.) said: Qaa La Izaa…Hisaabahum meaning: On the Day of Qiyamat God Almighty will entrust the accounting of our Shias to us. Then if there will be anything due to God, we will request God to grant it to us and it will be granted. Then whatever will be due to us from them we will forgive. Then the Hazrat recited this verse: Inna Ilainaa… Yaabahum (Surah Ghaashiyah 88:65-66)

The Holy Prophet Will Pay Up For The Rights Of The Shias
In the same book (Bihar-ul-Anwaar vol. 3) there is another narration relating to the accounting on the Day of Judgement wherein the Hazrat says, after the mention of God's rights and Imam's rights (which will be forgiven): Fa Maa…Anhum
Meaning: If Shias will have to pay up the dues of people, the same will be paid up to the concerned people by the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s.).
May the Most Merciful Allah make us the Shias of Aale Muhammad (a.s.) and also raise us with them on the Day of grand gathering. (Aameen).

Thanks To God Our Account Has Been Entrusted To Generous Persons
The good tiding for Shias is that, on the Day of Judgement, Almighty Allah will call every community with their Imam. Subhaanallaah! How lucky is the deed the auditor of which will be Hazrat Hujjat Ibn-ul-Hasan (a.t.f.s.). When the Hazrat will look at our deeds, though we will be bowing our heads down due to our shameful deeds, we will be hopeful because of being his lovers that the Hazrat will intercede for us. Thanks to the Merciful God that our accounting will be in the hands of the one who will be extremely generous and who will be having a very high status in the court of God Who alone is worth worship.

Meezaan (Balance)
The Meezaan (Balance) of the Divine Justice in which there is not the slightest chance of deviation or mistake is the Holy Prophet of Hazrat Maulaa-e-Kaainaat Amirul Momineen Ali (a.s.). If the Namaz or prayers of all the earlier and the latter people are compared with the prayer of Ali (a.s.) the latter's prayer will surpass all other's prayers.
Hazrat Imam Sadiq (a.s.) is reported to have said: AL Mawaazeen…meaning: The balances or scales which will be established on the Day of Judgement, for weighting the deeds of people will be the Prophets and their legatees. They are the Aale Muhammad (a.s.). Our prayers will be brought to the field of the Grand Gathering (Mahshar) and it will be observed whether or not they have any resemblance with the prayers of Ali (a.s.). Whether or not we have anything like the high virtues of Ali bin Abi Talib (a.s.) like generosity, courage, bravery, self-respect, manliness, kindness, justice and fair-play etc. Have we any of it to by extent!
Of course, it is established fact that doubtlessly it is impossible that our deeds and prayers and fastings and our virtues could ever be like those of Imam Ali (a.s.). The only thing to be seen is that our deeds must not be contrary to the character of Amirul Momineen and the Holy Imams (a.s.); that they should not be deviated or divergent from that. So, God forbid, if you have extended your hand towards any prohibited thing or have eaten the property of others unlawfully then do remember that you have turned away from the balance of the truth.

What Wrong Have We Ever Seen In Truth And Justice That We May Turn Toward The Wrong Path
Has a man who is religious, who walks straight and acts with justice any deprivation compared to one who adopts an irreligious and unfair path? What does the former lack? These veiled women who observe religious commands; are they lacking in anything when compared with the free thinking unveiled women? What comfort is not available to the religious woman? Do not imagine that more pleasure of life is available to the unveiled women. If there is any happiness, it is for the faithful also. If there is illness and pain, it inflicts both. There is no difference between them. Both are participating in the pleasures of marriage. Both are equal in the matter of legal and lawful worldly joys, though such joys too are not permanent. On the contrary, we often see how an irreligious suffers several deprivations. Let me give an example. Such an irreligious man looks at a beautiful woman in a cinema hall and his heart becomes untrollable. Sometimes he becames mad after such desire. But does he succeed in what his heart longs for? Whatever troubles he may take, it is not necessary that he must succeed in his desire, because, it is possible that the said woman may be married. How sorry will that man be after knowing this? Or think of the drunkards. It is quite possible that in their condition of intoxication they may quarrel or kill one another and then lead a lonely life behind bars for several years unlawful pleasure. This applies to other matters too.

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