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To Be Enamored and Guided

To Be Enamored and Guided

To Be Enamored and Guided ...
The Infallible Imams (PBUT) were true servants of Allah (SWT). The faith they had in Allah (SWT), and the knowledge they had gained about Allah (SWT) had left them in a continuous peace. Their utmost obedience and submission to Allah (SWT) is why Allah (SWT) adored them, was satisfied with them, and bestowed them high position.
The miraculous incidents that took place through the hands of the infallibles (PBUT) were indeed a sign of Allah's (SWT) grace and kindness towards them. Similarly, they too were satisfied with whatever was the will of Allah (SWT).
It is on this basis that if the love of a person towards the family of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) is pure and solely for Allah (SWT) alone, this love may indeed be a tool of guidance for this person. The following is an analogy of what has been mentioned above:
A group of people from the city of Isfahan1 narrated that there was a man whose name was Abd al-Rahman. Abd al-Rahman was a Shiite who had lived in Isfahan for many years. They had asked him to explain his reasons for becoming a Shia and a follower of Imam Ali al-Naqi (PBUH).
Abd al-Rahman said, "It was because of a miracle that I saw from him." He then added, "I was a poor man who was bold and courageous. One year the people of Isfahan took me to the ruler of the time, Mutiwakkel2 to place a complaint about the unfair situation to Mutiwakkel. When we arrived, Mutiwakkel ordered to bring Ali ibn Muhammad (Imam Hadi (PBUH)). I asked a person there about who the man Mutiwakkel summoned was. The man answered: "He is one of Alawian3 whom the Shiites consider him the leader. Mutiwakkel has probably summoned him to kill him."
I became very curious to see this man, so I remained in my seat until I saw a man riding a horse approach us. The people stood in two rows allowing the man pass through, and began to watch him.
The moment I saw him, my heart was filled with affection toward him. I began praying to Allah (SWT) so that Allah (SWT) would protect him from the corrupt ruler Mutiwakkel. The Imam (PBUH) passed through the people without looking right and left. He just gazed at mane of his horse, while I continued praying for him.
When he arrived to where I was standing, he turned to me and said: "May Allah answer your prayer, prolong your life, and increase your progeny."
When I heard such words, my body began to tremble and I fell among my friends. They asked me: "What has happened to you?"
I answered: "Everything is fine," while keeping the story to myself.
Afterwards, I returned to Isfahan. From then on, the almighty Allah granted me abundant wealth: apart from my outdoor properties, I have one million Dirham4. Allah (SWT) has also granted me ten children, and by now my age has exceeded 70 years. Now I believe in the Imamat of a man who was aware of my heart and whose prayer for me was accepted.
Certainly, by the grace of Allah (SWT), Mutiwakkel was not able to hurt the Imam till the end of his life. Furthermore, Allah (SWT) accepted the prayer of his great representative Imam Hadi (PBUH) for a man who was not even of the companions or friends of Imam Hadi (PBUH).
(Selected from "The Guides to the Light", by Ayatullah Sayyed Muhammad Taqi Mudarresi, with little changes)
1. Isfahan is a city of Iran
2. The Abbasid Caliph
3. The progeny of Imam Ali (PBUH)
4. The currency of Isfahan an other Islamic cities at that time
Roshd Islamic Shia website

source : www.sibtayn.com
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