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The Quranic Multimedia Encyclopedia

Program Contents

Complete Text of the Holy Quran in 'Uthman Taha style of calligraphy

Complete recitation of the Quran

Two complete recitation by M. S. Manshawi and Sh. parhizkar

Option of repeating the recitation of each ayah up to 5 times for memorizing of correcting one's recitation.

Accessibility to "Play" option on all pages


Interpretative hadiths respective to each ayah

The hadiths related to the ayahs

Advantages and rewards mentioned for the surahs and ayahs in the authentic narrative commentaries


13 different translations of the Quran into English(2translations), Farsi ( 5 translations), French, German, Spanish, Turkish, Italian and Malay


A collection of reliable commentaries on the Quran such as AlMIZAN, ( in Arabic and Farsi), Nemooneh, majma' al-Bayan, and Tafsir of Shubbar, along with the following authentic narrative commentaries:

Shawahid al-Tanzil, Tafsir al-'Ayyashi, Tafsir al-qummi, and Tafsir Ascribed to the 11th Imam.

Revelation circumstances

Mentioning the revelation circumstances ( and occasions) of the surahs and ayahs from 8 Shiite renowned commentaries, and option to search trough the proper names available in the revelation circumstances


Presenting the Arabic Lexicon of Majma' al-bahrayn for convenient access to the definition


390 picture along with 7 movie clips elated to the ayahs

Dozens of the pictures of the precious antique manuscripts of the Holy Quran and images of the sacred places


Introducing the commentaries available in the program and presenting the profile of their compilers


Option for various searches in the Holy Quran and the commentaries

The possibility of using two different environments to preserve your research result intact

Transferring your notes to the notepad in order to edit and print

Printing the text of the Quranic verses in 'Uthman taha's style of calligraphy in required sizes

Presenting the explanations and help of the program in English, Farsi and Arabic.

Compatibility with windows9x, 2000 and XP

 Noor al-Anwar2
First Multimedia Encyclopedia of the Qur'an

Familiarity of Islamic society with the Qur'an and knowing its exhilarating concepts are one of the best wishes of religion leaders, especially they are very important nowadays as heavenly lights of the divine book released the human being from arrest and leads to the development and perfection.
In one sight Noor al-Anwar2 program including:  full text of the Qur'an with the Uthman Taha calligraphy style, two series of Tarteel by Manshwi and Parhizgar, 5 Persian translations, 2 English translations, 6 translations in: French, German, Turkish, Spanish, Italian, and Malayan languages, it also containing 58 volumes of famous Shiite commentaries in Persian and Arabic languages and about 100 MG video clips and hundreds of images related to the concepts of Ayahs.
Noor al-Anwar2 program is useful for who wishes to familiar with the Qur'an, concept, translation, commentary and memorization. It is also useful for prominent scholars of Qur'anic sciences who want to do subject works about Qur'an, revealed occasions, research in roots of the Qur'an words and to develop Qur'anic new researches.
Exclusive features of the Qur'anic attractive program induced to be taken into consideration and be appreciated by valid scientific and cultural clubs. Among them are: title acquisition of the best software in Qur'an International Fair in month of Ramadan 1419 A.H. and the selected software in Kharazmi's festival as a First Multimedia Encyclopedia of the Qur'an. This software also acquired the gold medal in alien exhibitions such as: Innovations and Inventions Fair of Syria.

Program Contents

1. Text of the Holy Qur'an
In this program, the text of the Holy Qur'an with Uthman Taha calligraphy style (Mushaf of Medina) and beautiful design and color along with full diacritics are displayed.

2. Commentaries
In commentaries part, there are full texts of 9 Shiite famous commentaries (58 vols) which access and research are possible through four parts Display, Search, Bibliography and Notepad. The cited commentaries are:
1-Almizan commentary by famous Shiite commentator the late `Allamah Tabatabaei (May his grave be sanctified), 20 vols., Arabic
2-The translation of Almizan commentary by translator Sayyid Muhammad Baqir Mousawi Hamadani, 20 vols., Persian, the translation is preformed under supervision of `Allamah Tabatabaei
3-Nemounah commentary under supervision of Ayatullah Makarem-e Shirazi, 27 vols., Persian
4-Majma` al-Bayan commentary by Abu `Ali Fadl bin Hasan-e Tabarsi, 10 vols., Arabic
5-Ayyashi commentary (At-tafsir) by Muhammad bin Masoud bin Muhammad bin Ayyash as-Salma as-Samarqandi, 2 vols., Arabic, this work is one of the most important and valid narrative commentaries of Shiite
6-Commentary which belong to Imam Hasan `Asgari (AS), compilers are Abu Y`aqoub Yousuf bin Muhammad bin Zeyad and Abu al-Hasan `Ali bin yasar, 1 vol., Arabic
7-Qumi commentary by Abu al-Hasan `Ali bin Ibrahim-e Qumi, 2 vols., Arabic, the interpretation of this work is narrative 
8-Shubbar commentary by Sayyed `Abdullah bin Muhammad Reda Shubbar Hossaini Helli, 1 vol., Arabic, this book is full series of concise commentary of the Qur'an which compiled in a mixing way that means inputting commentary among Ayahs
9-Commentary of Shawahid at-Tanzil li Qawaed at-Tanzil by Abu al-Qasim `Ubeydollah Haskani, 2 vols., Arabic, the author of the commentary is from Sunnite scholars. He collected related Hadithes under the Ayahs revealed about Imam `Ali (AS)

3.Holy Qur'an Translations
It is provided optimum use from Noor al-Anwar2 program by displaying 13 various translations of the world famous languages for Qur'anic interests and researchers: it is presented 5 Persian translations by Makarem Shirazi, Fouladwand, Ilahi Qumsheei, Aayati, and Moezzi in the Program and increased the efficiency of this part. It is also extended the enjoyment of the Program for many users by 6 other translations of the Qur'an in languages: French, German, Turkish, Spanish, Italian, and Malayan.

Program Options

1- Full Tarteel of the Qur'an 
Two series of full Tarteels of the Qur'an are presented by Manshawi and Shahreyar Parhizgar in this part.  Repetition of each Ayah recitation for one to five times with two various sounds to correct the recitation or memorize the Qur'an are available. Juz' and Hizb and also the selection of Surah and its number, Ayah, and required page access the user to the Ayahs of the Qur'an easily and favorably. It is also accessible the Ayahs recitations in all parts of Encyclopedia.

2- Proper Names of Revealed Occasions

In this part, alphabetical lists of names, places, days and … which narrated in revealed occasions are presented. The full text of Ayah and related revealed occasion will be displayed by selection of each title.

3- Linkage between Ayahs and Hadiths
The unity between Thaqalayn (Qur'an and Ahl al-Bayt) induces to provide the comparison between Ayahs and Hadiths in a best form in the Program. So, according to narrative commentaries of the Program and the narrative part of Al-Mizan commentary, the linkage between Qur'an and Hadiths are displayed from many aspects. By selection of each Ayah or Surah you can access quikly to useful information about revealed occasions of Surahs and Ayahs, their narrated virtues and narrations about commentary of Ayah or narrations which are related somehow to the required Ayahs. The easy access to this information in spite of rage development of Qur'anic researches guides the user to organize well the research.

4- Search
One of the Noor al-Anwar program options is literal search in text of active Ayahs and commentaries of the Program. Search in Qur'an words and their roots are provided concurrently in Ayahs. Search range includes all Surahs of the Qur'an which you can limit it to special Surah or Surahs of Meccan or Medina.
While searching in commentaries, you can define the search range by selection of one or several commentaries. In addition to literal search, it is provided the search phrase. The special capability of the Program is search phrase along with logical operators that the selected items are displayed in the counter page of words list after the search of words or phrases is done in the Qur'an or commentaries and you can observe the previous and next pages easily by "Text" option. In the commentary part of "Encyclopedia", if the researcher plans to search in words of the commentaries, transferring to the search part of the words list of commentaries library is possible.

5- Gallery
Displaying of seven video clips (most of them related to the wars of Islam beginning, immigration time, and descending of revelation to the Prophet) and also some images from the ancient Mushafs and holy places have given much attractive to the Program.
In the image part of Gallery, you can enjoy attractive recitation of Ayahs of Hashr and Fajr Surahs by `Abd al-Baset. In addition, hundreds of images which related to Ayahs are observable in the Gallery of Encyclopedia.

6- Dictionary
Dictionary of Majma` al-Bahrayn by Fakhr ad-din Turayhi in 6 volumes which improved the program efficiency by access the meaning of the difficult words is presented in the CD to learn quickly and easily the words.

7- Bibliography
You can access the useful information about commentaries of the Program and biography of authors by this option.

8- Two Environments
One of the capabilities of the Program is the use of two environments which replies to the requirements of a researcher in two independent environments or two users in a program. Preserving one environment and enjoying another environment or vice versa along with saving all information simplify the research process.

9- Other Options
Among other capabilities of the software program is "Notepad". User can save his/her research in this environment and add or delete its text. In addition, the researcher can edit his/her personal researches in this part which are savable and restorable in 9 different formats (Zarnegar, MS-Word, Arabic windows, and etc.).
The selection of printer, text, font, and paper and its source are some capabilities of the "Print" part. In addition, print of Ayahs in `Uthman Taha calligraphy style in required font is provided in the CD.

"Active help of the Program" provides necessary explanation of each part to familiarize the users much with various parts of the Program. The displaying of the Noor al-Anwar2 program in 3 languages Persian, Arabic, and English provides so much spread use of the CD for many researchers.

Registration No. of Iran National Library: 255, No. of High Council of Informatics: 100252 


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