Friday 9th of June 2023
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A Grand lady Shia scholar passes away

A Grand lady Shia scholar passes away

Lady Zinatul Sadat renowned as Banu al Humayuni a Shia Faqīh (jurisprudent) and Mujtahid passed away in Isfahan, Iran at an advanced age of 99 years.

She was born in Isfahan and started her initial Religious studies under her mother and then also studied under Scholars such as Ayatullah Shaikh Haidar `Ali al Muhaqqiq, Ayatullah Shaikh Nuruddin Ashni etc. But her main mentor was the lady Mujtahidah Banu Amin al Isfahani, under whom she studied for a lengthy period of time and remained attached to her.

Under her teacher Banu Amin’s auspices she founded the first Theological Center (Hawzah) for ladies named Maktab Fatemah (s.a.). She also authored and translated numerous works.

Prayers were performed upon her by Ayatullah Shaikh Husain al Mazahiri and she was laid to rest at Masjid Sayyid in Isfahan.

May Allah (s.w.t.) offer her a suitable place in Paradise among her Ancestors (a.s.).

source : shafaqna
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