Wednesday 6th of December 2023
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Sheikh Qabalan: Iran flag bearer of Islamic unity

Sheikh Qabalan: Iran flag bearer of Islamic unity

He made the remarks in a meeting with Hojjatoleslam Shahidi, the envoy of Hojjatoleslam Seyed Abolfazl Tabatabaie Ashkzari, who is the representative of the Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution in Syria.

'The Islamic Republic of Iran is today the centerpiece of the world of Islam, being the flag bearer of Islamic Unity,' said the envoy, adding that Iran is also the flag bearer of support for Palestine.

Shahidi invited Qablan to participate in the conference of Ulema, which is to be held in Damascus on January 23, 2017, focusing on Muslims' condition and ways to bring about proximatity among them.

In the meeting, the two sides discussed religious and seminaries' affairs in Lebanon, Syria and Qom and underlined their role in expansion of values and religious teachings to protect societies.

Sheikh Qabalan said the Zionist and Takfiri terrorism targeted Iran, because it turns to be center of Islam with correct approaches, like supports for Palestine.

He underlined that Arabs and Muslims should support Iran and help it to continue to stand firmly against enemies' plots and conspiracies.

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