Sunday 4th of June 2023
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Iraqi Shia cleric: Protection of women's chastity, key to reform society

Iraqi Shia cleric: Protection of women's chastity, key to reform society

During the meeting, the Iraqi source of emulation advised all women to preserve their chastity and adhere to Quranic teachings as well as Ahlubayt's (as) doctrine. The cleric reiterated that protection of women's chastity plays a crucial role in reforming any society.

Ayatollah Hakim remarked, "Young girls who are at the beginning of their lives must stay modest and pure; at the same time, they must make effort in order to carry out their duties as a part of the society."

In the end, the senior cleric also asked all girls to maintain honesty and piety for the sake of Allah almighty; he then advised them to carry out their religious duties in order to preserve Islam and the legacy of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh).

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