Wednesday 7th of June 2023
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Malawian Muslim women allowed to wear hijab on license photos

Malawian Muslim women allowed to wear hijab on license photos

The media and social media were awash with reports of disagreements over DTRSS procedure which requested the women of faith to remove their head gear in order to have their ID’ captured.

The Road Traffic Regulations in Malawi of 2000 on acquiring drivers license, states that the applicant is supposed to have their photograph taken showing the head only without any form of head gear.

However the arrangement has been working against Muslim Women who by faith are mandated to cover their heads.

Reports reveal that the women have been failing to get driving licenses as they were forced to take off their Hijabs for photos a development that was seen to go against the Islamic faith.

According to a statement from the DTRSS, the development led to a series of discussions between the DRTSS and MAM where the two have finally reached a compromise.

The two have agreed that women of the veil will not be requested to remove the whole Hijab but ensure that their facial features are visible enough for recognition.

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