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English Nohay For Imam Husain (A.S) [3]: Hurr: The Warrior Friend

English Nohay For Imam Husain (A.S) [3]: Hurr: The Warrior Friend

The Warrior Friend of Imam Husain (‘a) Respected Hurr
("Run mein jab Shah Id taraf se Hurr-a Deendaar Aaya")
When Hurr left the camp of the Noble Prince
And came to battle His enemies thence
A murmur rippled through Yazid's camp
"Here comes a friend of Hyder's clan"
"A strange light lights up his path
As though angels in his company he hath"
Hearing this, the son of Saad cried
"Rain arrows and spears with a measured tide"
The army geared for a massive attack
And the lone soldier held his spear by his side
Seeing Hurr tremble with rage and might
The murderers scurried like rats in the night
Abbas applauded Hurr's battle skills
And Akbar admired, standing still
Qasim cried often "Bravo dear Hurr"
And the Noble Prince himself would smile
Listening to the applause from his Master's camp
Hurr would smile and bow at every chance
Alas as he bowed, the army slacked
And assailed the soldier from behind his back
And thousands surrounded the lonely Hurr
As he braced, the massive army attacked
Close by his heart he felt a spear
And he sensed that Death was very near
The arrows poured at his lurching chest
He doubled over seeking some rest
Watching Hurr's state, Alder cried
"May I go my Master to save our guest?"
"The devoted servant of Zahra and Ali
Now falls to the ground without a plea"
The Noble Prince seeing Hurr's plight
wept with sorrow at the sight
And replied to Akbar "Not you my son"
" I will be the one to go by his side"
"To whom can I express the sorrow I bear?
He is my guest and I must take his care"
Saying this Shabeer then mounted His horse
In a glimpse the battlefield He crossed
There Hurr fell on the scorching sand
And the Prince found him breathing his last
He held His guest and wept in pain
And watched Hurr rub his heels in the sand
He wiped Hurr's brow and held him close
And watched in misery as the blood flowed
And cried "Your wounds have broken my back"
"Yet another friend I've lost in my woes"
"You fell to the ground but didn't call for help
Come open your eyes my brother, my friend"
Hut opened his bruised and bloodied eyes
Saw the glorious face of the Prince in sight
Saw his head cradled in the Prince's lap
And smiled at his fortune and in delight
The Prince then asked "What do you sees"
Hurr replied "The heavens have opened to me'
“I see angels descend from the skies for me
Even in Death's face, a love I can see
Here comes Hyder Oh my good fortune!
I see Shabbar with him, boundless is my glee!"
"I see Muhammad’s Daughter bareheaded in grief
And Muhammad Himself comes to me receive"
Then Hurr's face contorted in pain
He looked at Husain and whispered His name
And the Prince cried "So you depart my friend"
Hurr's soul departed and his body went limp
Even in death his glance toward Husain
A smile on his lips, forgotten the pain.

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