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Last Words of Prophet Mohammad (s)

In memory of the demise of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) and his -grand child -Imam Hassan's (peace be upon him) on 28th day of Safar...
Historians mentioned that the generous prophet (peace be upon him) called one of his followers in the last days of Safar and asked him to join him to Al Baqeea. He told him: I have been ordered to ask for absolution for people of al Baqeea, so come with me tonight.
At night they walked out together and there the prophet gave his peace to the graves then he told the lad: I have been asked to choose between the keys of this world's treasures, eternity and heaven or to meet my God and heaven. So I chose to meet my God and heaven).
His lad said: I ransom you by my parents that you choose the keys of this world's treasures, eternity and heaven.
Prophet said: No, Moweyheba's father, I swear by Allah I choose to meet my God and heaven, and then he prayed for the absolution for people of Al Baqeea (graves) and then he returned back.
After hours and in a mass of people, the prophet (peace be upon him) entered the mosque with his head tightened with a piece of clothes because he had fever.
He sat on the tribune, praised and thanked Allah, and then he said: (Allah gave a choice for one of his slaves to choose between dunya and what he has, so he chose what Allah has.).
Then he stopped talking and all the people remained silent and bowed their heads. He followed up his speech and in his thought was what he planned for the battle against the Romans by mobilizing a big army in the leadership of Usama ben Zayd, who was eighteen years old. He ordered his companions and the rest of the muslims to follow him by saying: oh people, I'm ordering you to follow Usama's army. Then he remained silent and his temperature was rising.
Afterwards, he said: (People, I thank Allah that I will die soon, if I have whipped any body this is my back for chastening, and if I have taken any body's money this is my money. And I will be pleased and happy if any one takes his right from me. Don’t say you're afraid of al rasool's hatred, because hatred is not of my nature. I love the most he who takes his right from me, or forgives me so I meet Allah with a pure soul…)
Then he came down from the tribune, prayed, and then waited for the response from the people who were confused about his request (Peace be upon him) since he was perfect and Allah praised him for being a great moral person.
Suddenly, a troubled man told the prophet that one day his whip by mistake hit the man's back.
So the last prophet (peace be upon him) uncovered his back and asked the man to take his right from him.
In people's amazement, the man walked toward the prophet and kissed the ‘seal of prophet-hood’ on the back of prophet and that was the last time his body touched the prophet's body.
After that, the prophet entered his house to meet Allah.
It was a very sad departure, and Ahlu Al Byet asked us to remember his loss whenever we face a problem in our life. Imam Baqer said: (If you had a trouble concerning your body or money, you should remember the causality of losing the prophet, for creatures have no worse disaster.
O Prophet! What happened after your departure?
Prophet! Zahra, your part of body,
shall be injured by the door.
Ali, your brother like Harun to Moses,
shall be martyred on Masjid e Kufa's floor.
Hassan, your fountain of love,
will be sprinkled with arrows,
on his funeral.
Zainab, whom you named with love,
shall witness the greatest tragedy of life.
Hussain, who played with your hair,
shall be lying on Naynawa's sand,
with spears piercing his chest.
Ah . . . Don't leave O' Prophet,
your household shall see no bliss.


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